ot services

i have two sons that i feel need ot services, the first one is a 6th grader whose writting skills are of a first grader. school has denied services to him for ot arguing that...


pregnant again after 4 months of birth

I fell pregnant when my first was 4 months old, i found my second pregnancy a lot harder, morning sickness that i didnt have with the first pregnancy, extreme fatigue and mood...


Nighttime Sipply Blues..

My daughter just turned 2 in December. She's transitioned from a bottle to a sippy completely around a year old. But she is attached to her sippy at nighttime. She has to have...

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ad/hd and mood disorder

Hi I'm Tallulah and I'm new I need some advise plaese if any1can help feel free to to help me my when my son was 5 I was told by his dr he had ad/hd he is now 10 and has...


A child's birthday- no party

Is it rude not to have a child birthday party, but still ask for gifts? I can not afford or have the time to give a birthday party this year. My daughter turns three this year....


newly seperated...1st kid... =( sad!

struggling to stay happy! i think the hardest part is at night...sleeping alone...feeling cheated from having ahappy life..marriage...........it sucks...... especially that im...


We hit 17 lbs finally!!!

hello everyone just stopping in cause we went to the dr. yesterday and Dalton hit just a lil over 17 lbs on the scale!!! Talk about excited boy was I!!! Lol ..any way my new...


Boys and violence

I am starting to get very worried with regards to the amount of violence my 5yo boy is being exposed to. I don't allow him to watch violet stuff on tv (including most of the...


Please Read!!!

Wow I have never had the chance to talk with other premi momas does it matter that my son is 10.5 years old now if you dont mind i will tell you my story I got pregnant with...

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