Divorce related question :(

Ok, here's my question... My sister is in the process of a nasty divorce with a guy from Argentina. He won't sign the divorce, he no longer lives in the US and he is claiming...

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British Columbia Teachers may walk out

http://www.ctvbc.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/CTVNews/20120225/bc_teachers_strike_vote_contract_120225/20120225/?hub=BritishColumbiaHome (if the video doesn't work, I don't know what...

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Home Schooling yes or no?

My son is highly emotional, he has trouble learning at school, what is your opinion on Home Schooling? He is in grade 5 at school and most probably completes school work of a...


Water yet?

Hi Mommies! So all of the older women in my family including my mom and also women in my husband's family are telling me to give my son water..... I talked to my ped and she...


Advice on dyslexia, please.

I have an 8 year old who is dyslexic and also ADD. He is not on medication. Are there other options? His school has no learning support and they also suggest that he should...


Picky eater.. ;((

Hi! Mom's I really need help for my 2 yr old daughter. Because she's so picky that she just only eat's rice with chicken gravy and chicken skin I know its not healthy but I...

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following the crowd

Hi, my son is a high functioning asperges with ADHD He is 8 years old. After being on the special needs bus, he has been able to go on the regular bus, because his behavior has...


i dont have enough time

I am a stay at home mom of two amazing children a 4 year old little girl that is VERY smart and seems to get bored often, and a almost year old little boy why just started...


son failing 8th grade .... HELP!

He has been struggling for the past few years but this year he has reached all time low! Won't turn in homework assignments and when you ask him why he just stares at me...


Mixed Girls Hair

Is there any moms out there with moxed little girls? My daughter is almost 4 and mixed with black, white, and spnish. I know poor baby. But I have been trying for a couple of...