Bad morning at preschool

My son has pdd-nos he turned 3 today. He has been going to preschool for almost 3 weeks now and ive never had a hard time dropping him off until this morning. We walked into his...


Leukemia & Autism

My Son was diagnosed with ALL in September of 2009 shortly after his sister was born. I knew he had some speech issues as I had to pull words and sentences out of him. He was...


I don't like making dinner

I have a husband three children 6yrs, 4 and three and I dont't want to make dinner I don't like to cook and nobody like the same thing anyway so ... toasted sandwiches again or...


Mowat-Wilson syndrome

my daughter has mowat-wilson syndrome. she is only 2 and 1/2 months so i am trying to find more people who have and info on what to expect in the future. i have the info the...



I will start out by saying I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers. We have a big family as compared to some. 2 stepsisters, 2 half sisters, and 2 blood sisters. Thats about the best...

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Ideas for a Vow Renewal Ceremony

My husband and I have gone through some really rough times during the first two years of our marrige, we even almost got a divorce. We have a beautiful son that is almost 2 & we...

Started by Heather on 05/16/2011 in Christian Mommies

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work and potty training

I have just started a new job and work every other day.My three and half year son is still not pottied train and I have tried everything. I have bought dvds, books, toys, and...


My 3 yr old is having problems focusing.

Our 3 yrs old is enrolled in a private school and the teachers are telling us that she is not focusing as well as the others but they are struggling with ideas on how to solve...

Started by Leila on 12/14/2011 in July 2008 Babies

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Trying to ween baby off the breast??

Hi I have a 6mth old baby girl who I am currently breastfeeding. I dont really want to start her on formula but would give her breast milk in a cup or bottle, how many ounces of...

Started by Jennifer on 01/23/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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