Evening shift parents!

I have been working evening shift for the last 9 years and my husband is working it too! I just wanted to know how parents deal with being away from their kids working this...

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1st deployment

i a mum of three n my husdand it due to deploy in the comin months 4 the 1st time to iraq im startin to get abit scared now incase something bad happens i no i can cope wi him...


Anyone here planning to re-enter the PS?

Hi, We have homeschooled for a year and a half now. We have been pleased with the progress and work the kids have done, but are planning to re-enter the PS (a different...


Poem -- It was only a miscarriage

"It was only a miscarriage." That's what they all said. "Why are you so depressed and upset?" "There will be others... besides it was an early one, at that." "It's not as if you...


Bad behavior on Bus

My sons are in 1st & 2nd grade. We live in the country so they ride a bus with K-12. I hate that because they hear things that little ones should not be hearing. Also, my...


Solution for only nursing on one side

My daughter favored the right side from birth but at 2 months old she outright refused to nurse on that side. She would not get into position and when even held on that side...



My son is taking the S.A.T this weekend and he just won't prepare. I really try not to push him because it is his choice to go to school with his sister next year, but I'm...


2 yr old on a bottle STILL!

My 2 yr old is so attached to his bottle. He asks for his baba all day & cries when he doesn't get it. I tried taking him to the store to pick out his very own special big boy...



So BM just took my SS to the dentist last week for his 6 month check up which she is very good about doing. But this time he had 7 cavities and I know the last time he went he...

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Formula recommendation

I had a great stock pile of frozen milk for when I work one day a week. Unfortunately, we are at the bottom of the pile and I am just not pumping enough milk to rebuild it. I...



It's amazing how scary it is to be a Military Mom. It never seemed to call my attention when it was someone else's child. Now that mine has chosen this path I now realize how...


breastmilk supply dwindling

For moms who has been expressing milk since baby was born in September of 08, is your supply still up? Mine is dwindling to 15 ml per session. Isn't that pathetic. Has...