stepdaughter issues

Hello I was wondering if anyone has some insight on having a very jealous nine year stepdaughter. I've been with h her father for four years and does not discipline his...


Breakthrough! Billy is drawing!

Billy started drawing this week. Not just scribbling. Not just stabbing the paper with a pen. Not peeling the paper from the crayons or breaking them or, worse yet, eating them...


No where to turn?

My DH and I seem tohave the same arguement over and over!My dh works nightshift 10:30pm till 7a. Friday threw Monday. He's always saying I don't let him get enough sleep! I try...


FASD kindergarten

I am stumped! What type of special needs class do I send my FASD child too for kindergarten? They have a mixed disability class, one for autism, cognitive delays, psychical...


Daddy problems

Hi there. My names Anna im 18 and i have a beautiful son who is about 6 1/2 months and i just need some feedback on my situation. My partner (24) and i live on a dairy farm and...

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Am I Out of My Mind???

So I have just left my daughter's abusive alcoholic father and I have this other ex that was before him with whom I owned a home that wants me to move in with him for free. I...


How do I know what to do?

I sit here and write this almost in tears. Today has been another battle with my 6 year old daughter just trying to get her ready for school. It seems every day is a battle of...


How to deal with the I forgets and the I dunnos?

My oldest stepdaughter has a major issue with forgetting and then not taking responsibility for actions or for her role around the house. She was having trouble following...

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What is Autism?

autism: Definition Autism is a neuro developmental disorder of brain function and individuals with autism and autism spectrum range from mild to severely incapacitated...


low muscle tone

M y daughter has a developmental delay and low muscle tone. We do early intervention since she was 9 months. She now could pull to stand, craw and almost walk at 21 months. My...


Should I have my 13 year old held back a grade?

As I said my son is 13. He is in 8th grade. When he enters 9th grade he will still be only 13. He started school young. Since around 4th grade he has shown issues and has slowly...

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