Venting....Random subjects

I just need to get some minor things off my chest and I'm positive others here will get a laugh or sympathize. Feel free to add your own. 1. I'm sick of huge baby stuff taking...

Started by Rebecca on 02/24/2010 in Twins

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I feel like I've tried everything!!

I've been reading all your sleep questions and the answers have been very helpful! I've been frustrated with putting my daughter down to sleep for so long. It seems like I've...

Started by Cindy on 06/05/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Hubby is sooooo sensitive any more!

I think because my husband works all day and has limited time with our 2yr old he is finding it hard to not take every little thing I say or do to heart. It is really affecting...

Started by Jennifer on 05/18/2010 in Toddler Moms

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How to Deal with 10 year olds.

Hi moms, My husbnd and I have a wonderful son who just turned 10 in January. I am having alot of trouble correcting him, everything we tell him doesn't happen unless I...


Is circle of moms for me?

Is circle of moms for me? I have 2 boys there twins Kaden and Kyver they are two years old and I'm currently 6 months pregnant with my third son to be Rocco.im happily married...


Baby #3

I have a little girl that just turned 3 and a baby boy that is 8 months old. My husband and I want one more precious addition to our family, but I can't decide when we want to...

Started by Jessica on 04/02/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Sleeping in basinette

My son will be 4 weeks wednesday, he has been sleeping in his basinette right next to m bed since we brought him home. I tried putting him the crib last week for a nap and he...

Started by Leanne on 06/21/2010 in May 2010

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2Q: Aggression and Pushing skills/education?

First, is it ok for my kids to be so aggressive? Is it normal? They are constantly wrestling/ruff housing or arguing. There are three of them, twin girls almost three,and our...

Started by Jacqueline on 03/01/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Moms, how do you do it?

Im starting a full time teaching job very soon and am wondering where to find the energy before and after work to be a mother to a 9 month old sweetheart of a little girl. I...


First Day of School

I know it's a ways away from September and the beginning of a new school year, but I just registered my son for his first year (Kindergarten). I'm already getting nervous...


Any wives have resentful feelings?

Hi. Just wondering if anyone here who is a minister's wife ever feels resentment towards the demands of time that ministry places on them? I sometimes get so upset that he is...

Started by Stephanie on 05/15/2011 in Pastor's Wives

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i have a 4yr old with epilepsy (complex partial and absent seziures. i am a single parent and wondered if any one knew any suggestions to helping myh daughter live life to the...


birthdays comeing up

Can anyone belive that it's almost been a year? my baby is running around playing with her older brother and sister already time flys when your haveing fun!!! can't decide...

Started by Lynnette on 05/13/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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Growth spurt?

Have any of you experienced a growth spurt yet? My little is 3 mos and I think she just went through her first nasty one. if so, what was it like? what sort of symptoms did...


Too Many Activities

my 11yr old son is involved in a couple of extracurricular activities- a performance group and baseball. But, in the fall he wants to play football, and be in the beginners band...