Having new baby - what to do w/ 3 year old?

My daughter is 3 and I am expecting my next one (also a girl) just after Christmas. Since I had my first daughter via emergency C-section, this will be a planned one. We will...

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Rolling over in the crib at night

Hi everyone, My 6th month old Alexis is rollling over like crazy during the day. She has just recently been rolling over and sleeping on her belly in the middle of the night....



Two days ago I found an article on Infant toilet training which talked about the advantages of toilet training your baby before the age of two. My daughter is 13months old and...

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he's just not interested anymore

I'm trying to start breastfeeding full time again. my sons dr recomended i start giving him juice to help him have bowel movements and once i did that he would no longer take...


visiting dad

I have a two month old with my boyfriend. We aren't financially ready to move in together, so I'm staying with my mother, not only because of money, but because of all the...

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Single moms with MIA fathers

If your childrens fathers don't care about them or put them second to their other children how do you handle it?

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Sewing Machine suggestions

I am brand new to sewing! :-) A friend of the family has been teaching me some of the basics, and I have just about finished my first project (with her help and on her sewing...


Advice about my 3 yr old

She has been really acting out and being mean to everyone since we found out we're pregnant is there anything you can suggest?! she won't listen at all and constantly is being...


Attending Church with the Children

I have 3 children, 4 years old, 21 months and 6 months. I am having a hard time attending our church. My husband doesnt attend church and doesnt believe in anything, he doesnt...

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Uncooperative District

So, a woman I teach with just came back from maternity leave earlier than she was planning on because she was denied an extension - without reason. When she went in to speak...

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My daughter, now 11 MTHS, has been sleeping part time in her own crib since she was 7 MTHS old. She goes down easy for naps, and will give a fuss at bed time on and off. Since...

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