Mother-Son relationships

I have a 2 1/4 year old son and a 6.5 month old son. My first son and I used to have a really good relationship, with lots of cuddles, stories, tickles etc. When my second son...



I love this stage my kids are in. I mean they're difficult but fun! They are so full of dreams and at the same time so full of nonsense!! I have fun with them watching them...

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Dinosaur Train - Holiday episode

Does anyone's kids watch the PBS show Dinosaur Train? My son and I watched their "holiday episode" yesterday. From what I've seen, most shows just mention Christmas (and maybe...



Hi, I love spending time with my 3 1/2 year old triplet grandchildren. They frequently spend the night at Mima & Poppys....sometimes 1 at a time, 2 at a time, or all 3! What...


How do you get family to help?

I have decided to open my own childcare center and I have two children. With all that I am doing at this time I would like a little time to spend with my husband. The only...


3 yr old aggression issues

I have three kids the oldest is 7yrs, then 3 yrs, and 8 months is my youngest. My 3 yr old has some major aggression issues. He is constantly hitting, pinching, and even...

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who has had post partum depression?

after my first daughter was born (i had to have an emergency c-section) i had post partum depression pretty bad and was hospitalized for a week... if anyone has or is going...

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into everything child!

Last week my newly 2 year old daughter was happily laying on my bed watching Dora about to fall asleep....I come downstairs to answer the phone and was gone maybe 2 minutes...

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Riddle me this?

If Californa State budget has been supposedly more than half going to Education for years-Why do the teachers in his "severely handicapped" autism class not have mandated...


dealing with my ascence

Lately, I have had to spend a lot of time away from my kids due to illness and hospital stays (4x in the last 4 months, and every tme was at least 2 days). Once was to give...

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Im a step mum that needs help?

Im a step mum (of 2 years) and struggling to deal with the child's (7year old boy) attitudes towards me. Its getting worse as the day goes on. to the point that i just want to...


Need help with my 11 yr old boy

My son who is 11 goes in phases on attitudes. There are times where I really wonder if he listens to anything I have to say to him. I will tell him something & then he just...


need a routine

hi just wondering what kind of routine you guys have got, my baby is four months and i still seem to be all over the place. finding it hard having to do school run with my to...

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how do you decipline a 2 yr

my 2 yr old does not listen to me at all when her dad is not around i try and tell her not do something and she will come and either throw things at me, hit me, bit me, throw...


I make a montly menu.

I sit down at the end of every month and make a menu that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. That way I know exactly what I need when I get groceries. Plus shopping once is...

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Question and a couple of tips

Here's my problem. My play do is getting crumbly! :( Does anyone know how much water to add to make it pliable again? Or, if I accidently add too much water, can I let it sit...