Should sperm donors have to pay child support?

I just read an article where a man may have to pay. He's not even the father!!!! It makes no sense to me and the mother should be ashamed of herself IMO. Some laws are just...

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Sperm Donors (not necessarily a debate)

Okay, so I have a friend (and not in that cliche 'I'm actually talking about myself' way, I actually DO have a friend lol) who is looking into a sperm donor as a way of getting...

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The Sperm-Donor Kids Are Not Really All Right

1. Young adults conceived through sperm donation (or “donor offspring”) experience profound struggles with their origins and identities. 2. Family relationships for...

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Knowing your sperm donor?

Douglas Quan, Postmedia News · Monday, Oct. 25, 2010 VANCOUVER — Olivia Pratten knows this much about her biological father: he’s Caucasian, has brown hair and blue eyes,...

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Donor sperm please help husband

about a month after I gave birth to my daughte my husband went and got a vasectomy. About a month after he got his vasectomy we quickly regretted it. And I know I'm going to...


Thoughts about egg/sperm donation?

I am just looking for some open discussion here, so I'm going to start by saying please be nice and respectful of everyone's opinions. Okay, so I've often wondered about in...

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ivf with donor eggs

hi all i am looking for a mum who had ivf with donor eggs . i have lost 2 girls through a gene defect . they were both 2 and 2 and half years . beutiful girls. i think having...


Sperm Donors

I'm not talkin about guys that get a girl pregnant and leave - I'm talkin about guys that go to the building, get off in a cup and a woman chooses his donation to be the sperm...

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Should bone marrow donors be paid

http://rockcenter.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/13/12190616-woman-challenges-bone-marrow-donation-law-in-effort-to-save-daughters-lives?lite The argument is that since bone...

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donor conceived children...looking for books

this might be too personal for anyone to post openly, I'm retty open about my situation. my twins were cnceived by donor egg. I remember my fertility counsellor had some great...

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using your mother's eggs?

On the TV show The Doctors today they briefly talked about a story of a woman who gave birth to a girl with Turner's Syndrome. because of this, her daughter is sterile. the...

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Egg Donation

What does everyone think about egg donation? I am in process of donating and would like to get other mothers opinions on it and if anyone has every done it before?

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Egg Donations

I was thinking of donating one of my eggs so someone who can't get pregnant can have the joy of being a mommy. Has anyone ever done this and if so what's it like? Also I have...


egg donation

hi im just interested in peoples opions on egg donation it must be lovely to help someone have a child but how would you feel knowing that a child is out there that is...

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