Growth spurt in a 3 month old

My 3 month old has been really cranky and fussy these past two days, she just got over an ear infection and was on med for it, so i was wondering whatare the signs of a growth...

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teething and nursing

My daughter is 7 months and finally getting her first teeth in. The past week she has gone from eating solids 2-3 times a day to now maybe eating them 1x. This was her own...


Bed Time...

Ok, so I am sure that everyone has asked this question at some point but I am just curious to get everyone's take on it. My eight month old never goes to sleep (not even naps)...


Alter Ego;s

Do any of you have THAT personality that you warn people about(alter Ego’s), like when your about to be pushed to your limit and go off on someone, or for some its when they...

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Finally it's effecting the marriage - Please help.

Very hard to know where to begin, I'm new to this forum and didn't expect to post so soon, but here goes . . . . I've been married for 6 years. Together we have 6 SKs....

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Hello im leticia and I am new to CircleOfMoms as well as being a first time mom. My daughter is going to be two months old and she is a breastfeed baby, I was wondering after I...

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1st deployment

Well, my hubby has just recently left for the first depolyment. I was doing good without thinking about the "what-ifs" until I had to take him to the airport and watched his...


Tot that will not mind

I don't know what else to do!! I have a 21 month old boy that will not mind me (just me) at all!! I tell him to eat his lunch he spits it out and throws it on the floor. I have...

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I had all three of my children at home. I would love to give more women the confidence they need to believe they can do it without drugs! What ways is your group informing and...


Newborn - best option?

Hello ladies! I am so confused as to what to do! I have a few months still, but I like to be prepared. If I had my way - I'd already have my newborn CDs! However, this is not...


questions about selecting a pump

I am returning to work on January 10, when my baby will be 8 1/2 months old. Originally I was planning to wean him to formula about a month before that, but I have decided that...

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Sleeping through the night

Okay my son is 8 months old and he does not and has not sleep through the night still. He wakes up ever three hours still to nurse during the night. I was okay with it when he...


Not interested in her formula! Advice?

In the last week my daughter, who would normally take four bottles (8 oz. first thing in the morning, and 7 oz. bottles throughout the rest of the day) a day decided to call it...

Started by Brooke on 03/14/2010 in May 2009 Babies

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