my lil one needs more stimulation

My lil boy is 2 and very bright but it seems he is getting very frustrated and made at me i have come to the conclusion that he is not gettin enough stimulation please could...

Started by Kelly on 02/12/2010 in June 2007 Babies

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gas relief suggestions needed

My baby is five weeks old and is having issues with gas. I have tried cutting out foods I eat (chocolate, dairy, and gasy veggies) but nothing seems to help right now. Mylacon...

Started by Aimee on 03/11/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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bright green poo?

Has anyone else's breastfed baby pooped bright green? I changed my 3 week old daughter today and she had her normal yellow seedy poop, but it was mixed with bright green poop...

Started by Brandi on 03/11/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Postpartum Hair Loss...

My daughter is 5 months old. A couple of months ago I noticed my hair was shedding more than usual. Now it is falling out in little clumps when I wash and comb it. I have to...


milk coming out her nose?

so sometimes after feeding and shes done burping ..we don't lay her down right away but after a while we do & when she sleep ..she seem to spit up her milk and also comes out...


Ok Problem With girly things!!!

OKay! I took the depo shot since january of this year at the begining of June i started bleeding heavily everyday until july so i switched birth controls to pills! and now Im...


Any tips for a cold??

My 8 month old has a pretty bad cold... Horrible cough that makes her gag, runny nose... wont eat or drink much... I brought her to the doctors to rule out any serious problem...

Started by Sherry on 04/27/2011 in August 2010 Babies

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6 month old constipated

My dd is having constipation issues. We do Karo syrup and even give her pear juice. She even eats pears and prunes and still having issues. Not even prune juice helps much. She...



I started working one week ago ,and my mom (the sitter) is already breaking the rules...how to tell my mom in a nice way the Don'ts

Started by Aandrea on 07/22/2013 in Working Moms

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Hello! My son is 10 months old, I just want to know if it is okey if I will give him motts juice suitable for his age. Will wait for your response.thank you!


Level 1 & Level 2 Nipples??!?

I need some advice from other mommies who have bottle fed their babies. How do I know when to switch my little bug to the next level nipple?? She's 6 weeks and takes 45 to 50...


SPD evaluation

We are in the what if he has SPD phase. My 6 yr old son has been having issues since he was real little with anxiety and sensory issues. Be sought behavioral health...



Hi, my name is Gail. I'm almost 34 and have a 2-year-old son. I've been dealing with chronic depression since I was 4. My partner and I thought long and hard about whether this...