Not pooping and spitting up

My daughter is 3 weeks old. I started out breastfeeding her but my milk just never came in fully. She is on Similac Advanced, an I do pump so she gets maybe 3oz's a day of...


Hello Everyone

Hello Everyone I have a little boy named Jacob who was born april 24/08 Im interested in hearing everyones stories and giving feed back as well...To get started anyone Have a...

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My son is almost 7 months old and he will not eat solids, the only thing he wants is his formula. I have tried cereal,vegis and fruit but he refuses to open his mouth. I have...


Are girl babies easier than boy babies?

I have 2 boys and they were challenging when they were babies. They woke every 3 hours at night and took ages to go to sleep. I now have a girl baby and she sleeps through the...



my 18mths old gal refuse to tk milk powder... not even breastmilk in a bottle!! so i still gotta do direct breastfding until now but i really wanna stop coz she is not putting...

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breast pump issues?

my baby girl is 4 months old now and is breast fed most of the time. ive been trying the past couple of months to be able to pump some extra milk so it makes it easier for...


Do you have to give cow's milk?

My daughter is 13 months old and I am 11 weeks pregnant. She is still nursing about 6 times a day. She isn't eating very much of solids, but it's a fair amount. She is also...

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Finally it's effecting the marriage - Please help.

Very hard to know where to begin, I'm new to this forum and didn't expect to post so soon, but here goes . . . . I've been married for 6 years. Together we have 6 SKs....

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body issues

i have a 6 month old, and i STILL haven't been able to loose any of my pregnancy weight. i wanted to breast feed for health reasons and because it was the best way to loose...


16 Weeks preg with triplets & have so many questions

Not sure I know where to start. I am seeing my regular OBGYN and the high risk preg. dr every two weeks. They put me on modified bed rest at 14 weeks and said I could get up to...

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Feeding schedule for a 4 week old

My son was born 25/03/2011 and is both breast and bottle fed (karicare birth formula). He will feed nearly all day and still seems to be hungry. He produces lots of wet and...



hi im brittnie, im 16, and me and my fiance are expecting our first child December 19th.


Help with Development and Weight Gain?

My son is 9months old and just a had a check up last week with the doctor, He hasn't gained any weight since his last check up ( 2months ago). He weighs 16lb. I was wondering...

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