Juice or no juice???

I was just curious what other mommys said on this subject. I am reading the new thing is not to give your baby juice until they are older. My 9 month old is exclusively bf and...

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Cf mom of a picky eater

Hi everyone! I'm new & this is my first post ever! :) My almost 2 year old daughter has cystic fibrosis & she has been very healthy! Fortunately, we haven't had any...



my 4 yr old has been diagnosed with this learning disability and has been watched for 6mth or more by several Health visitors. i am currently learning and then teaching basic...


whats your typical day with a 13 monh old?

I need a typical day of what a 13 month old does, like what they eat and how to keep them occupied. My child will eat any cereal, any crackers, and only chicken nuggets,...

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Flu season

Have any of you ladies thought about getting your little one vacinated for this season? I'm not sure how safe it is for my little one.



we have 3 cats all sisters we got them all from their mother 3years ago an have been with us and no other animals, our first child is due in March. i understand that all animals...


How important are manners?

Anybody else think that our society could use a refresher course on manners? I came across an article in Parent's Magazine with 25 manners they said every kid should know by 9....

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Okay so my son is 10months old and he only eats to fall a sleep!! So he does take a sippy cup and a bottle too but im that starting tomorrow it will be straight sippy cup he...

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WEANING my daughter need ideas!!

So they say I should have my daughter off the bottle and formula at or around 1 year...we have started by adding an extra snack in the day and eliminating one bottle but I can't...



I am planning on weaning my daughter when she turns 1 she has started biting me really bad. Any suggestions on getting started? How many times a day should she still be nursing?...

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Any funny/interesting birth storys

Anyone got any interesting/funny birth storys? Both my boys had interesting births. My eldest was born 31weeks, size of a 26 weeker, weighed 900grams, was born on the only...

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recipes for my 9 months old

Hello all you mommies out there... I have a daughter who just turned 9 months today... she has given me some hard times when it comes to feeding... i switched to formula when...


my 5 y/o got kicked out of school!!!

My son has had the worst week of his life, I'm pretty sure. We started him on Concerta last week. It's supposed to be the lowest stimulant out there (that's what the doctor...


Meds to help lactation

I'm not a fan of taking prescriptions - goodness knows I will be taking asthma meds for the rest of my life. Here's the story: My son is 11 months old. At the end of...