I am so @#$% SICK of the Suburbs

Right now, I really hate my life. Not every aspect of it, there is some good.....just not 'enough' I love my kid, I want only the best for him, and sometimes I know that I am...


I've got the going back to work blues

I go back to work from my maternity leave in 2 weeks. I have literally been so depressed, I just need to snap out of it! Every time I think about it I start crying. I have...


My husband makes me feel like a bad parent

Our 2 1/2 year old daughter is a handful. She goes through stages of rebellious acts and then calms down, totally understandable as she IS two years old. When my husband comes...


This is so wrong

So my sister in law is in a big mess right now and I need some advice for her. She has an ex boyfriend who was there with her at the time she was pregnant with her now 7 year...


new addition

I just had a baby girl, which is my 3rd kid, how do I balance the three without anyone feeling left out. They are in different age groups, 6,3,and 1mth????????


Help, no respect any more. need honest feedback

I have been a step mum for almost five years. my partner and i have had a two year old boy and a six month old girl in the time together. his 16 yr old boy has no respect for us...

Started by Kristy on 06/09/2010 in Step Moms

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Hi everyone. I'm kinda new here. Joined awhile back but just adopted my daughter from China 2 weeks ago. We just arrived back in the US three days ago. We haven't really...

Started by Sara on 03/22/2009 in June 2008 Babies

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Sore wrists??

Hello everyone- I have been doing yoga on and off for years. I have pain in my wrists and it is getting nearly impossible to practice yoga. I'm not sure what causes the pain,...

Started by Jaime on 05/20/2009 in Yoga Moms

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God parents

What are some of the things that god parents should do for a chid,besides throwing the baby shower?


Introducing Solids

My son is 4 months old and I am starting to research how to introduce solids. I am gettin gmixed messages online regarding age and administration of solids...I would love some...


throwing up too much??

I have a 3 month old daughter whom i have been strickly breastfeeding since the day she was born. For the last 3 weeks she has been sleeping through the night and up until a...

Started by Aubrey on 04/20/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Testerone Injections

My son is set to have his surgery on June 27th and has to have 2 sets of testerone injections at 3 and 6 weeks before his surgery. His first injection will be on Wednesday. I...

Started by Adrien on 05/16/2011 in Hypospadias Moms

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