Crying when going to daycare

My son is 22 months old and everytime I drop him off at daycare, he cries, and I mean CRY. Sometimes I will be turning onto the street and he starts to cry. He stops crying as...


having doubts.

Well im new to circle of moms [ Hello :D ] im 21 years old..had my daughter Haydee Elizabeth January 29th. my boyfriend anthony was so wonderful with her when she was born and...


Is having a third child hard??

I am so nervous and excited. We are having a third baby this fall. I am a stay at home mother of two- ages 3 and 5. I was wondering is it much different having three kids? What...

Started by Christa on 02/04/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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family putting you down cos you dont work

hi all i just wondered if any of you were a stay at home mum and on income sorport instead of sending your children to nursery and going out to work, my youngest is just 1, my...

Started by Elizabeth on 05/03/2010 in Single Moms

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Spoiled or not?

I have a 1 year old. I have her 5 days a week and on the weekends she alternates between her dad and her grandparents. While i have her through the week she follows me around...


Falling asleep on her own

Hi mom's I am having a really hard time getting my 6 month old daughter to fall asleep on her own. She has to be held to take naps or to be put down for the night. Any...

Started by Silvia on 11/23/2008 in May 2008 Babies

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Moving on to one sleep?

My daughter is 1 year old in 2 weeks and where as she used to be a great sleeper during the day and would always go down at 9:30 and then have an afternoon nap at say 1:30/2:00...


when should my 2 month old

sleep though the night. thanksgiving night and the day after that she slept for 6 hours. and now she isnt doing that anymore. i give her a bath before bed & give her 4 oz is...


"Big boy" bed

I'm trying to put my son into a "big boy" bed. He is currently 15 months. I know that he's a little young, but we're expecting another baby and need the crib. Any suggestions...

Started by Jentri on 12/30/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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new to the cleft group.

hello my name is tiffany and i have three kids. a 10 yr., 8yr. and a 5yr. my youngest was born with a cleft lip and palet. I gotta be honest i was so freaked out when i...