Moving out of my parents house

I'm thinking of moving out of my parents house this summer. I really think it is what's best for me and my son but I will be on a tight budget. Any advice from single moms on...


Not Speaking to Son & Daughter :(

Hello my name is Dee. Sorry, I didn't separate this in my own subject, I just now noticed this. It has been a yr. since my mom died, and all the heartaches afterwards were...

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Could use your advice!!

I am currently a stay at home mommy looking to use my talents and start my own business. I am a very detailed artist and would like to know if I tried to sell myself, what...


Is it ok to freeze jars of baby food?

Can you freeze the little jars of baby food? When they first start out trying food, they only have about a tablespoon (20grams) each time you try them feed them. The doctor has...

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Need advice on labor

I am 15 and i am 21 weeks pregnant, I am starting to worry about the complications while giving birth. Well mainly about the death that can happen also tearing. Is there a way I...



I am planning to send my daughter to the nursery next month (she will be nine months old then) but just don't know how to prepare her and myself for the change :-( Any...

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Need some advice!

Hi, Im Kym & have a 2 year old son Cody. I had him when i was 15 and my partner was 17, Im now 17 & my partner is nearly 20... Now I dont know what to do... My babys daddy is...


I am going on STRIKE

I have two boys (12 & 16) and a husband (who works a messed up schedule-nights). I have decided to go on strike, I am not going to remind anyone anything anymore. One less...

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Feel like I never get a break!

I stay at home with my 3 and half year old son everyday. We dint get out much cause im disabled and my family lives in different state. He goes to daycare once a week so I can...

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twins what a shock

i just found out i was having twins yesterday. i have a daughter who will be two in august and of course their dad is leaving my mother also lives with me i feel lost and...


hunger cues vs. scheduling

Hey everyone. I'm an expecting mommy, eager to meet my little one circa the begining of June. I have been a student for the past few years and to help us with money me and my...


step children how to cope

my 8yr old stepson is demanding, lying, misbehaving, and all other sorts of problems at home and at school. Both sets of parents are at their wits end in how to handle his...


Should I Breastfeed?

I've been breastfeeding my son since he was born. But because I'm unemployed but not stay at home, I often find myself outside of my house in places not conducive to...


My Child is Spoiled Rotten...

So the pediatrician told me that you can't spoil a baby and that when they're about 6 months old, that's the time to let them be more independent, otherwise they WILL get...