What do you think??

What do you think i should do about my husband and the way he acts. OK... Here is the story. My husband wants to complain about me not doing the dishes or not doing the laundry...

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My first grandchild, a girl was born in England, her parents were in the Air Force. She was born in June 2000 and I did not get to meet her until November of that year. It was...


What to expect as an Army wife?

Hello everyone, I am currenty a military wife but my husband got out of full time and when guard for the past 3 years due school, family and personal resons. Now after 3 years...

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Mother and sister in-law problems

Having problems with my mother in-law and sister in-law. They have been trouble for ten years now. They talk behind my back to my husband ,talk in polish so that I don't know...

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Nervous to find out sex of my baby

So I know this probably sounds irrational, and I will love my new baby no matter what the outcome. Hoping I can find some support from other moms who have felt this way. I...

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unruly teenages

im knew to all this, so bare with me,lol..Im 43 years old and have 4 children, my eldest has her own family now so i only have the 3 younger ones living at home with me, my 21...

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Hi, My Name is Alexa. I am a mother of a 3 Yr old boy and a 1 yr old girl. I am a k-12 art teacher at a small SW iowa School. I have found that scrapbooking is the only way I...

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Hi I just wanted to take a quick second and introduce myself. I am married, live in southern California with hubby and two daughters. We have made the decision to homeschool...

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About Me

I grew up on country music when radio was the main outlet before power was installed in the early 70s in our rural community. The radio was our family's window to the outisde...

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Mother of four and married

My name is Yalonda Wright. I have been married for ten years. I have 3 biological kids and one stepson. I am a fulltime mom and student.

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I am just introducing myself. My name is Jenny and i am 25 and I am 23 weeks prego with my first kiddo! Its a boy!

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Cleaning Poop?

My son is 6 yrs old and is potty trained. Only problem I'm having is he doesnt clean his butt to good when he uses the bathroom. I pack babywipes in hisbookbag so he can use...

Started by Gianinna on 03/19/2010 in Moms Doin' It Alone

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Anyone else a lonely mummy?

My daughter is 14 months old and Im a SAHM with my partner as he is my carer (I have Cerebral Palsy.) we've just moved to Cornwall from Manchester and although I love my new...

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New to this community

Hi all you mature moms out there, Just thought i would introduce myself.Im a 40 something(haha) mother of 2 young ones. My first was born at the ripe young age of 32 and my...

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False Alarm...

The other day I thought my water had broken and I got SO excited that baby was finally going to come. I called the Dr.'s office, called my husband home from work, called my...

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