I am just the step....

My step daughter is 14 and I have been with her dad since she was 6. She has recently displayed some bothersome behaviors and I worry about her. We have always been very close...


Sleep Schedule Out of Wack

My son is 7 months (I'm a new mom) and he goes to bed way to late (usually between 10:30-midnight) and is up for good between 10-11 am. He wakes up for formula about 2x a night...

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is my child angry with me?

I am 24 years old with a 4 year old who I love so very dearly! Now, I work 4 tens and sometimes 5 twelves when we are understaffed! I try to spend every waking moment i can with...

Started by Alicia on 05/12/2010 in Working Moms

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Our Birth Story!!

Isabella Lena Jo Wilson’s Birth Story For nearly 2 weeks leading up to Isabella’s birth, I had been contracting on a regular basis. It was painful and annoying. They would...


I am terrified!!!!!!

I am 23 and I have a four-year old daughter who has been the number one in my life since she was born. I am currently on bedrest for baby #2 (a boy) with a much better man than...


What happened to my teen?

Hello, I am a divorced mom with two teenage daughters who father is in and out of jail. While I was married to their dad, my now 16 year old daughter was having silent seizures....

Started by Shaunda on 02/11/2014 in Moms Of Teenagers

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Sleepless in Indiana

I am a stay at home mom of a 15 month old girl. She is a total mommys girl although she has her moments with daddy. She has always had issues with sleeping. Right now she...

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just wondered how you tackle bullying. our daughter who's 4 is being bullied at school. disguting i know at 4/5 yrs old.. i've spoken to another parent who's child is being...


need encouragement

Hi! I'm homeschooling my 12 yr. old daughter for the 2nd. year. More out of necessity. We moved to the Dominican 1 1/2 yrs. ago as missionaries. I have 2 sons back in NJ. 26 and...


Fed up and hoping it's just hormones...

I truly hope it's just hormones, but lately I can't stand my husband. I can't sleep at night due to snoring, bed hogging, sneezing (I think my allergies are more sensitive and...

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How I can relate

Hi all my name is Yvette... I myself am a recovering addict.. And I do have a 21 yr old daughter that has tried many drugs and still does use drugs.. some on a reg base. I also...

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blended family

Hello all ! I am Tera , a 24 year old single mother of two who recently got into a serious relationship with a man who also has two children . Between the two of us we have...


What motivates you?

A song, book, movie, phrase? I am finding that with no family and support system, having my own business is hard work. What motivates you to keep going? Please be detailed. Thanks

Started by Kindle on 03/29/2010 in Entrepreneur Mom's

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