I'm a stay at home mom having tons of fun with my daughter!


New to this!

Hello everyone! I am new to this entire site so I am learning slowly to navigate around it. I ave a 7 month old daughter, she is my first. I have just been looking for some new...


Two books every Woman and Man should read!!

"Captivating" by Stasi Eldredge and "Wild At HEart" by John Eldredge. I have read "Captivating" and LOVED IT! I am now reading "Wild At Heart" and it is opening my eyes to my...

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Mommy Blog

Hey ladies, I started a mommy blog. I'm 23, a mother of two kids under the age of two, and I've found it to be a great outlet so far! Please check it out if you have the time...

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Looking to make new friends!

I am originally from Virginia and moved to Utah.... I live in Clinton, Utah. Have 2 boys ages 4 and 6. I am a stay at home mom with my 4 year old. My husband works on Hill AFB....


New to the group!

I'm new to this group and I'm hoping to find some stay at home moms with children around my sons age. He will be 2 in August of 2012, and I would like to get him around kids his...


Play dates?

Hello everyone. I am new to this sight and am a stay at home mom of a 15 month old little girl and pregnant with a little boy due 2/3/14! I am currently looking for some new...

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42 year old mother of 3, stepmother of 3!

Hi everyone! Im new to this group so heres a little about ME. Im a 42 yr old wife/ stay at home mom. I have 2 sons from previous relationship, one son with my husband,3...

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Just recently found out I'm pregnant.

We are so excited about our very first baby. Even though morning sickness is a killer and being constantly hungry almost every half hour.haha Despite all these I know my baby is...

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Bicurious near Athens, GA

This is the first time I have done anything like this. I am bicurious. I am looking for a friend that could possibly lead to something else. I am a mother of 4, and I...



My 12 yr old son has a tendency to overthink many things in life. He does stay home in the summer by himself so when he gets a thought in his mind he plays out every scenario...



Hey everyone! I'm new to the group, but I'm glad to see there is a group for Obabma mamas on here. I'm actually a stay at home mom and full time student who is volunteering for...

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Scheduling?? Please Help

I have 3 children and I'm a stay at home mom, but I find it difficult to have time to do everything that needs to get done in the run of a day. Plus having time for the two...


Formaly indroducing myself

Hi everyone! I'm Kim. Mother of our newest baby girl, Aubre, who was born on 8-1-08. My husband and I also have a 3 yr old daughter and step-son who is 8. I'm a stay-at-home...



I'm not sure how often I'll be posting here, but I'd like to get to know everyone! I am a 24year old stay at home mom of 2 girls. My oldest was born in May of 2006 and my...

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Hello all I am new here! I have a 2 year old son and a 3 year old daughter and YIKES they are a handful!! I am a stay at home mom without plans to return to work anytime soon....

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