Hello! Newbie here!

Hello all! My name is Farol and I have a 21 year old son who is addicted to drugs. It makes for a life full of drama. But, I would like to get off this train!!! I live in...

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Lack of child care...

So I called around today and found out that I can't get child care subsidy because I'm going for a transfer degree instead of a technical degree. So now I can't go to school...

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Anyone out there?

I am a stay at home mommy of two and a half year old twin girls. I don't get out much and am unfortunately not very involved in church right now due to my husbands work...

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Help with husband and his 13 yr old son. need advice

My husband has a 13 yr old son that lives with his mom. We could not find him for two years . We did after a long ride in court. We have had him for 4 yrs now and when its his...

Started by Theresa on 02/09/2010 in Step Moms

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PCS'ing in the summer

I'm a 26 yr old SAHM/student, married to my wonderful husband that is in the Air Force for 5 yrs. We had our first baby girl Celeste in July! He is currently a recruiter and in...


Almost a year and the tears keep coming

On November 28th it will be a year since I lost my baby. The month before I lost the baby i was having unbearable stomach pains and i have no idea that I was pregnant. I ended...


holiday---without the kids ...

So shall I go for my vacation or not ? My kids are okay about my going..(5 y/o twin boys) for ten days. the downfall .. is the their cousin who is 3 ..(husband's brothers...

Started by Z on 12/26/2010 in Twins

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day care and separation anxiety

today was the first day of my 16 month old girl in day care. I am a stay at home mom, but the only reason I put her there was to have friends and play. We live far away from our...


5 month old started waking up!

My baby was doing GREAT at bedtime - asleep by 6:30 or 7:00 and would stay asleep until about 2:00, staying asleep during his dream feed at 11:00. Then at 4 months, all of a...


Any advice on babysitters?

My son is almost 8 months old, only twice have I had to find a babysitter for the night. I sometimes work 6pm to midnight (I'm in a band) and for the most part don't want to...


Boys that best friends are girls

My son 10 two best friends are two very sweet girls 11 and 10 that live down the steet from us. They are always together ride bikes doing home work or in back yard or As husband...



Hello all you Junebug moms! I hope everyone is surviving Kindergarten this year. My name is Lisa and my Junebug is Livvie. I also have two other children, Justin (3) and Adalyn...

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