My gaughter cries over everything!!

My daughter just turned 3 here in August and it was like a switch went off. Eveything turned difficult. We cant get her to eat dinner, brush her teeth,even go to bed. She turns...

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Has anyone dealt with bullying??

My daughter is being bullied at school. She is only 8 years old but is saying to me she feels like giving up. If she was an adult i would say she is depressed, she is normally...


Am I crazy?

Ok, here's the situation - I met my biological father in June. I recently found out he is a registered sex offender, was convicted in 1991. I have 3 children (14 yr old girl,...


tummy trouble maybe?

i have a 2 1/2 yr old son who is showing some interest in the potty as far as what others do when they sit on it he will sit on his with his clothes on or off dosn't matter...



My husband and I have had temporary legal custody of our nephew ( his sister's son) since he was 3 months old. He is about to turn Two in May... and we are still battling her...


Help! Our mornings are a nightmare!

My 8 year old ADHD son has a really hard times in the morning. Almost immidiatly when he wakes up he is a terror! I have his things lined out for him (his medicine, clothes,...


5 Weeks in NICU and counting

My baby boy was born on 04/06 at 5.5 lbs and he was 34 weeks. He has been in the NICU now for 5 weeks. Thankfully no longer on any IV or meds. He has a tube for feeding and...

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Well, after a huge fight with Brian, we basically weren't talking to each other for most of last week. I wrote him a long letter ( because he is impossible to talk to. )...

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My grown child is overseas.

My daughter is grown and left the nest she is visiting Korea for the second time and I could expect her to visit other countries in the near future. I feel disconnected when she...

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Problems with my sister- need advice!

This isnt a post for stay at home moms exactly, but it is a question about choices while being a Mom. Im hoping someone can offer some advice. Ill apologize in advance if this...

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Do you think this counts as Parental Alienation?

Yesterday, we get a call from BM saying she was going to be 15 minutes late because SD was protesting having to leave her. We both thought it was pathetic of BM to allow the...

Started by Betty on 05/21/2010 in Step Moms

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Accidents happen so fast!

Hey there all moms! I have something i need to get off my chest, i'm actually really shaken up about this. Yesterday i was at work and my 2 little girls where at home with...

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