pregnant again?

so, i just took a pregnancy test the other afternoon and had a VERY faint line, so i took another the next morning and had another faint line (slightly darker than the day...



When I was 9yrs old I sat in a Bible study and listen to Mrs. Davidson tell a story using a flannel bord. She said very simply as she placed the white heart on the board..."If...

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Pseudomonas is here

My 2 1/2 year old tested for Pseudomonas and is now doing the Tobi treatments. I freaked out i am so scared for my daughter. I feel like the poor baby is always hooked up to a...


Bloody Nose

my daughter is 11 months old and she just got really sick. Couple days before christmas when were about to leave to fly home we had to go to the drs and we were told she has...


Speech concerns

It seems like my daughter doesn't speak as well as other children her age. She's very bright and doesn't seem behind in anything else. She understands everyone very well and can...

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Ideas for 1st birthday party

My daughter will be one year in about a month and I am trying to get ideas on what to do for her party. There are lots of babies her age but she also has older siblings (12 and...

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Real Milk?

My daughter was born september 25th she is nine months old now!! and i am getting alot of mixed advice on giving her or not giving her homogenized cow's milk now? any advice or...



Even though Dan has Quadripegia spastic cerebral palsy and epilepsy he brings joy to the lives of anyone who spends time with him.


Missing the connection

I have worked with little ones for years and used to LOVE babies but since having my own I feel exhausted and overwelmed and as though I am not doing right by my daughter. She...

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baby shower help??

currently planning a baby shower and i have some questions... first of all, is it totally taboo that i'm planning this shower for me and that this is not my first, but my...



Hi I'm 22 married gonna be going threw a divorce I'm the only parent caring for my kids I buy what they need rent food etc the father don't come around we bin separated not...