my 16yr old every mothers worst nightmare

my 16yr old is they most conniving, lying, deceitful, backstabbing ever i have dealt with of all my kids. i have 5 kids ages 18-3 and my 16yr old is by far the worst. so much so...

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In Need of Prayer and Encouragement

I am a young mom of 26 years old. I have a beautiful daughter that will be 3 next month. My husband and I have been trying for nearly 1.5 years now to give her a sibling...

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mature advice please

Hello ladies .. I have a huge issue . So i was in a relationship & slept with my ex bf. I than found out i was pregnant , i was so scared & confused because i wasnt sure...

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Pray's for michelle

all is great here.Michelle has been dx with endometriosis and adenomyosis..so she been home sick the past three day's.and her school is well to work with us so she does not miss...

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Please read and help...

Ok well my husband has broke my trust with him. It was over text messages from bm saying that she still had feelings for him and she hopes he still has feelings for her. Well He...

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Im tired of being left to hold all the baggage

Hello everyone, I am new to the community. I hope what I have to say does not make me seem uncaring or like a bad person. Just recently I separated from my 31 year old...

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My supply is starting to tank

I'm a working mom and about 2 months ago, I was pumping 3x/day during a 9 hour work day and taking Fenugreek pills. I was varying the speed of my Medela PISA during the 30...

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Tantrums are upsetting neighbors (AND ME!)

my 2 1/2 year old not only has tantrums, but also night terros. And to top it all off, she's a screamer when she's going through these episodes. We just moved into a 2...

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First time using daycare

My daughter just turned 2 in August. I have been home with her for those 2 years and the time has come for me to go back to work and help us out financially. Its not that Im...

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16 & 17 year old daughters..

My boyfriend of 2 1/2 years is raising his almost adult 2 children. Ages 17 (girl) and age 20 (boy). No help nor support from their mother. I have 3 children myself 25 (boy) 23...


Flu Shot

Hi! My son is three and half months and I was wondering if it is safe for me to get a flu shot while I am breastfeeding. I start back at work as a teacher next week and want to...


Daily Schedules & Activities.

I started working at night about 8 months ago so I could be home with my daughter during the day. She is 3 years old and up until that time she had been to a sitter while I...

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Having Trouble with brand new breast pump.

I have been breast feeding exclusivly for 5 months now and my husband is coming home from Iraq next month, so I tried to start pumping to freeze for when my husband comes home...

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Little Boy doesn't want to go potty??

My two year old doesn't want to go potty unless he is at home. Daycare he has accidents and also at grandma's, but at home I just remind him to go and he does, but sometimes...

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My daughter was just diagnosed with it, we were told to keep her home as long as their is a rash because as much as the most contagious part is done she's still contagious and...



My two best friends, both unmarried without childern, recently got on my case about not hanging out with them enough. My daughter will be a year old in January, and is at the...

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Public or Private schooling??

Do any of you have your children in private Christian schools? We are considering sending our son to a Christian school but because we are in a small city, we need to register...

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I have a question I am beginning to wean my son from breastfeeding. How do I go about and start? I wouldn't mind feeding him at night but he is getting awfully big to still...

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