how to please a teen

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clogged milk ducts

This is the first time i have ever had a clogged milk duct and the pain in excruciating i am lost as to what to do and how do you know if its infected would love and welcome any...


Picky Eater

My daughter just turned 13 month and since she turned a year she doesnt want to eat ANY fruits or veggie... and she will only eat things like pizza, grilled cheese, PB&J.... If...

Started by Jenny on 05/18/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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1st pregnancy what do i need?

I wanted to know from real moms what you really needed in the first years. I'm about 4 months pregnant and feel like im running out of time to get everything together. So i was...


Need to get it out!!

I am a SAH mom of four. Ages 1,3,4, and 6. The decision to stay home came after out oldest was born. I was a retail manager and spent more time at work than with my baby. I...


newly single

I have found myself newly single(about 1 week now) after 12 years. i have three boys (8,6,16mnth). do these feelings move on. am i only going through a phase of wanting back...


Need help with 15 month old

My daughter has started the independence stage, she runs away from me whether she's in trouble or not, she screams if she doesn't get her way. she wants nothing to do with...

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Women's Rights

Obviously I am a supporter of women's rights but, what so you all think about those women who want to complain all the time? Do any of you believe women in the work place take...

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Anethesia for children?

My four year old has to get her teeth fixed on Tuesday & I'm so nervous because the doctor recommended using anesthesia... what do you guys think about children anesthesia?


Finding God's will for my life

I am struggling a lot lately to find what it is God wants me to do in my life. Trying to find my purpose. I am searching for His will in every aspect. Right now I am debating if...

Started by Cassie on 10/15/2013 in Christian Mommies

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