My son is 7 weeks old. He has maybe only spit up 10-15 tmes since birth. Last week he had an episode of projectile vomiting that was a pretty large amount. I didn't think much...


Diet Soda

I want an honest opinion here -- why do people think diet soda is better? Does anyone understand exactly what aspartame is? Let me ask you this - those who are drinking diet...

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How do you handle rude family members?

So a lot of mine and my husband's family claim to be Christians but def. don't walk the walk or talk the talk of true Christ-likeness and when my husband and I make choices to...

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not as lucky as some of ya

My boy, born Dec 3rd, will lay down for his long sleep shortly after big sis, so between 8 and 9pm then wake around midnight or 1, then every two hours till 730 when we get up....


6 month old child is underweight. Need help.

My peditrician says that my child is underweight. She went down from 25% to 10% and is a growing concern to the doctor. The doctor had recommended giving her 1 teaspoon of corn...

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Nicknames or Full name

While I was pregnant with my Son, I swore left, right and center that I wouldn't call him anything but Zackary and everyone else you follow my "rule." This oath of mine only...


Why does husband want to be on the birth certificate

I was unhappy for a long time and we fought a lot. I left my husband and filed for a divorce. Before it was finalized, I had started a new relationship with a younger man I...

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i hate myself

when i'm not at work, breastfeeding, cleaning or taking care of my 2 yr old and 8 month old all i want to do is sit down. i was already overwieght when i got pregnant with my...

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