Hello, Im new to the circle. Im a single momma with three kids. One is my March 07 baby and the other two are school aged children that I adopted from a family member so we...

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I am a first grade teacher, currently working on my doctorate in education. I am a mom to 3 (16 yo, 13 yo, and 10 yo). I have often looked for a group like this one! It is hard...



Hi all, I'm Mary Ann and my son Jonas was born June 9, 2008. Truly blessed are me and my husband. Just found out about Circle of Moms. Love it so far. I live in Costa Mesa, CA,...

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Hi there! I am a 48-year-old single mom with 2 boys, 14 and 11. I work from home as a medical transcriptionist. Looking forward to getting to being in the group!


Spend the Day with Your Kids While You Earn!

I spent the day with my kids and earned money using my phone and my laptop! No large investments to make, no inventory/stock to purchase, no mandatory parties to host! Sometimes...

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I'm new to this and don't know anybody here. I'm a single mom of four. My two youngest's father is involved emotionally but not financially. I don't much family or friends and...


The Holidays

Where do you spend them? At home with your own family? Do you host? Do you travel? Maybe you have to work? With so many moms from various cultures I'm curious to know what...


Hey ladies!!

Hey everyone, I'm getting married on Sept 4 2010 and am sooooo excited. Just looking to chat with other mom/brides and see what everyone is up to!! Love to hear everyones ideas :)


Mother of 3!

Hey my name is Annie Marcum and I am 29 and a mom of 3 wonderful...yet very hyper children! I work from home doing sales. Alwyas looking to make new friends.


Online jobs?? Help please

I'm a single teen mom from northern California , during these tuff times I'm struggling to make ends meet. My son's father isn't paying child support & rarely helps out!...


Child Care

I am looking for a nanny or someone who has a home day care to care for my son when I return to work in 6 weeks. Preferably someone located in Sienna. Any recommendations?


The "Blues' :(

my son is 2.5yrs and i still wonder if its ppd or am i just depressed ? i have had a very HARD life my childhood was not a fairytale dream. Evryday i woke up wondering when...


Children In The Middle

Throught this message board, I keep reading the same complaint over and over again. 'Problems between Bio Mom and StepMom (or Girlfriend)'. It saddens me to see so much...

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How to Chill Out and Stop Yelling

I have a so far very very happy soon to be one year old boy, i say "so far" because I can get so annoyed at him and he isn't even doing anything, he rarely is whinny, and im so...

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Scared straight..

For kids who are on the wrong road.. Is it too extreme or what they need?? Do you think it works?? Would you use it if you had to??

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How long is this feeling going to last?

Although i was married for 7 years, I've always been a single mom. My ex husband spends more time in prison than at home, and thats the basic reason that he is my ex. I've...

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