I want to meet new people!

Hi! I'm 22 years old, just moved to West Bend, and became a mom for the 1st time in Oct 2008 to a sweet little girl. Being new to the area and not be very involved with the...


Couch Potato ADD

Does anyone have the couch potato brand of ADD. I know moms of hyperactive children would love the thought of a couch potato some days, but it is a challenge of its own. As...


Help dealing with all this stress

Hi all. Just looking for some guidance or scriptures. I've been going through a lot lately. Just like everyone else I guess money issue is a big thing. My husbands job...

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Hi, I am a first time stay at home mom of an almost six month old little boy. He is a dream come true for me and I couldn't ask for better. I am originally from Minnesota and...

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im a 19 year old stay at home mom with a 7 month old daughter. i dont hang out with friends and i dont go out. i am positive that i am ready for one more baby but my...


Help on my Anti-social toddler?

My 21 month toddler is not very social, she is actually quite shy & will throw a fit if being approached by anyone she doesn't know even kids her own age. If I take her to the...


Hi All!!!

I am new to this group! I am a mom of 3, full time student, and work at home mom. I am nearly finished with my A.A.S. in General Business, 2 more quarters and I get to...

Started by Nancy on 12/20/2010 in Student Moms

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How do you manage classes and studying with 3?

My youngest just turned one and found out I'm due in Oct (my oldest is 3). Not planned but maybe this is the path I am supposed to follow. I have a routine with the 2 now but...

Started by Kirsten on 03/05/2011 in Student Moms

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When is it time to call it quites?

My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years married for 2 on the 19th. Hes a pretty decent guy, hes a good father to our 8 month old son, and good friend, (to...


Absence Epilepsy

My 6 yo daughter was diagnosed with petit mal epilepsy last July. I chose not to put her on medication at the time since the episodes were very minimal and short in duration....