baby daddy drama Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay i am a 18yrs old and i have a 9 month old daughter, and me and her father havent really been getting along. So recently i found out that he has 2 more babies on the way,...


Any advice to get a baby to sleep at night?

My son started to sleep all night at 6 wks from 9pm to 6 am or so then about 3 months or so he started to wake up at night to eat. I've tried every thing from baths to feeding...

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Hello, I'm glad to have found this group:) I'm always on the lookout for places to learn more about homeschooling. I am mother to a 3 year old boy and a 3 month old boy, and...


What to do

I'm finding myself a little bord at home these days. Does anyone have advice on things i can do with my baby? I go for a walk everyday, I sing and talk to him, put him in his...



im sending this message to welcome new members and inform current members of my intentions to get to know you all properly. If you ever need a chat just pop a message into the...


My Daddy

I thought it was important to add this community, at some point or another you, we all experience Grief by loosing a loved one! It is so important that we share our feelings,...


Biting! Help!

I have tried a lot.....can anyone give me some advice on biting?


New types of exercise

I feel like I've started to gain too much weight for the stage I am in so I want to get into some sort of exercise routine. I'm so exhausted though I don't feel like doing...

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new to this

I dont believe my son is old enough right now to be disiplined but i would like to know how i can start it, or how old he would have to be to start it. I came from a home where...


Looking for advice

My 13yr old son and I had an agrument and in the middle of it, he called his father to come pick him up. This truly made me angry as his father and I have been divorced for...


Send to school or not???

what should I do?? I know my son is smart but he is so not mature enough for school. With the eating disorder and behavior problem and lack of support and help from the school,...


Wanting a 3d.....

Me and my husband have 2 boys. One is 3 yrs and the other is almost 6 months. Im really wanting to try for a girl but he won't have none of it. I know that if we do go for the...


Desperate to get things done!

I need some advice. I just had my first in March, and he's 4 months old. I am strictly breast feeding, and have spent all day, every day with him since he was born. I have been...

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Success story!!

Our son is finally potty trained! 2 Weeks before school was out we had our IEP meeting, and our son's teacher mentioned if we had thought about putting underwear on our son...