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A tweeny bopper with a textatude.....

Well, my daughter is 12 going on 21 and her attitude is a nightmare. Honestly, I blame technology, or I should say the misuse of "texting" instead of actual conversing. THIS is...

Started by Anita on 04/13/2010 in Christian Moms

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hubby bragging

I have to brag on my husband because I am so proud of him! He is going through a big change at work taking on a lot more responsibility, becoming a manger of 12 employees, and...


Has anyone terminated rights to the other parent?

I am new here, and I have 2 wonderful children 7 & 3 (and 3 months). They both have the same father, whom I was with up until I found out I was pregnant with the youngest....

Started by Jean on 03/11/2015 in Single Moms

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I am really looking for some help! My son just turned 1 last week and has become a clingy, crying mess anytime I leave the room. Sadly, he started a new daycare last week and...


Unhand Me You Fiend!!!

So, I'm at home with my 5mo girl all day every day! Don't get me wrong, I love it! I feel so fortunate that, especially in these hard times, my husband and I are able to pull...

Started by Maurissa on 02/24/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Marriage advice!

Where do I start? My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years, together 10. He was my first true love. We have a 3 year old wonderful little boy. He is everything to...



My son, Ethan, was born Jan 9, 2007 at 7 weeks premature. At a birth weight of only 3 lbs 4 oz (that's smaller than a bag of sugar you buy in the grocery store), he spent the...


Being "You" and a Mum

I don't know about anyone else but I've found that it can be so hard to maintain your interests and a sense of who you are as a woman after becoming a Mum. After having a few...


"It's none of your business what I do with my time!"

Hi again everyone. I just want to say how much I LOVE this community. I truly believe that reading and replying to posts has helped me become a better Mom. It's so great to be...

Started by Christine on 09/15/2009 in Step Moms

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Allergies and daycare issues

Hello, I have an 8 month old girl with eczema. She has not tested positive for any allergies (but tests are not conclusive at this stage) so she is to be considered an allergy...


my 18 year old boy what to do.

I have a 18 year old boy and he never comes home no more he thinks now that he is this age he has nothing to worry about and i have all the worries he is about to graduate this...

Started by Martha on 02/26/2009 in Want To Vent?

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Started by Chantyl on 08/13/2010 in Mom's Of Daughters

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Feeling like i should get more done

Ok heres the go-i am a sahm mum of 3 kids aged 4 and a half.3. And 1. I do the daily things......... Washing,vaccumming,dishes,pineoclean,etc. i always set out to do other...

Started by Ashleigh Jade on 02/20/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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changing schedule?

My son is 12 months old & he's on a pretty good schedule. I work every other week as a nanny & its usually just a few hours after school but come June they will no longer be in...

Started by Jessica on 04/09/2012 in Stay At Home Moms

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My boys don't get along help : /

I have two boys a 12 and a 9 year old and they fight allllll the time and it even ends up getting physical sometimes but they always together as well i try to separate them and...

Started by Esmeralda on 02/17/2013 in Stay At Home Moms

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