Do i have to give him access?

Hi, i'm in need of a little advice... well, as much as you can give really :) (forgive me if i drone on a bit but I feel that its best for you to have all the facts) I have a...


Hello and help..

My beautiful baby girl was born last week... the 3rd. This is obviously my first week home and it just keeps getting harder and even though its an open adoption and I have...


How to handle your kids?

My husband was sentanced to 24mo prison in October. I have 3 kids. Destiny 6, Makaila 3, and Trevor 18mo. So far we decided to tell them that Daddy had a chance to go to...


My 6m old is sick

I have taken my son to hospital and he checked out fine but he's not getting any better. He feels extremely hot, he won't drink properly and he is extremely cranky. I have been...

Started by Grace on 03/12/2009 in Mothers Of Sons

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3 year old behaviour

i have a 3 year old that just wont listen to anything you say, and everything turns int a fight to get him to do anything can some one tell me whats normal or close to it for...


Flu Shots?

I am wondering what other mom's thoughts are on the Flu Shot, and The H1N1 shot. We got flu shots last year, and I am ok with them because we didnt end up getting the flu last...


Do u ever feel over whelmed?

I get over whelmed as my week goes on and dont feel like bein a mom when i get no help is it normal i ask myself but i have no i dea

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why should I try when they don't?

Ok. I live with my bf (the father of my beautiful daughter). He also has another child by his ex. Any time we have seen his other child, it was because I arranged the meetings....


Pets and Children...your views! :)

I'm 24 with 4 children ages 7,4,3 and 2. I am not with my childrens fathers anymore and while I was with my 2 oldest childrens father his mother had 4 dogs inside and numerous...