Traveling Husband

My husband has been away for the last 7 out of 10 months, "working on his own business" in Alaska. He is consistently telling me that he has no money to send home to help me...


how can this be????????????

I registered my son for Pre K today and was informed that it was open to all children 4 years old in my parish! But the kicker is the children that get free or reduced lunch...

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Empty Nest Syndrome

I am a 41yr old single mother of a 17yr old son who will be graduating from high school soon. Since receiving his first acceptance letter to college back in September I have...

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rude girlfriends

So my daughter is 7, and we just started sleepovers. She had a little girl from our neighborhood stay last night. she just seemed very rude and bossy to my daughter and also my...

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Girls will be girls?

My 10 year old daughter doesn't get along with just one girl in her class. She's in a new school, and this particular girl just doesn't like Morgan and Morgan ends up crying on...

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mother of 4 feeling like giving up

I will try to summarize. Kids are 9, 4, 4 and 2. Boyfriend is father to youngest 3. We are currently homeless, getting evicted from his mothers. Oldest son stays with his...


2 year old bedtime problems

My daughter is 2 years old. She has typically been very good about going to bed. We have a set routine of playing while listening to music after dinner, bath, reading a few...


He wants to but I am unsure

My husband wants to vaccinate our daughter, but I am unsure of it. She did receive her first Hep B shot in the hospital. As I have been researching vaccinations I really don't...

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Should I feel guilty?

I am a 27 year old mother of a beautiful baby boy. His biological father is a lazy useless man. In the nearly four years that I lived with him, he was unemployed at least half...

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The Good Old Days

Ever since becomming a parent I've been thinking a lot about how different my generations views are of parenting compared to our parents and their parents views on parenting. I...

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discipline...when is it to far?

My stepdaughter confided in me that her grandma hits her 2yr old brother with the belt. She said she hits him really hard and he cries for a long time. Should i ccall cps or the...

Started by Danielle on 05/16/2012 in School-Age Kids

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Children having tantrums

I am 41 and I have two children. My oldest is 17 and my baby is 4. After I got married I found out that I was pregnant. My baby is sppoiled because me and my daughter did it...

Started by Carla on 12/13/2009 in Moms Over 40

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