too lenient daddy? frustrated step...girlfriend

I have been dating a man for about 3 months. he has an amazing 7 yr old daughter. she lives at the mom+stepdads house and comes to the dads house one or two days a week. Im...

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Good For All But Mom

My three-year old is an "angel" at preschool, eats well, and uses the potty. When she gets home, she's more like a "demon." She constantly tests me, won't eat what I fix,...

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need help.

i have a step daughter who has a drunk for a mother. her step father is in jail for domestic violance. this child is a speacial needs child an my heart is breaking for her.mom...


17 year old daughter who has all the answers

My daughter ran away last night she is 17 will be 18 in May shes a senior in high school now she talks about quitting and she ran away last night because she was grounded for...

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Terrified of people

I recently was called back to my full time employer after a 2 year lay-off thanks to the auto industry tanking. This past Sunday my 8 month old was baptised and I'm still...


Is this kindergarten teacher nutz????

My son is 5yrs old and in Kindergarten full days this year. I make a point of talking to the teacher for a minute or two each day just to see how things went. My son started...

Started by Kelly on 11/16/2010 in Want To Vent?

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Potty Training

I have started potty training my 2 1/2 yr old daughter. It isn't working at all. For months we have been sitting on the potty just for fun. A few times she even used it. I...


movies and showers???

me and my husband have been wondering for awhile and talk about it off and on and i see moms bring in their newborn babies to a movie and i know that really you cant do it since...


Sleep issues

Hi -- Our daughter has recently been really hard to settle at night. I don't think her teeth are bothering her. She's not hot, cold, or hungry. She can't fall asleep on her...

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Advice for Teaching Sixth Grade?

I just accepted a position teaching sixth grade science and social studies in my building. I have always taught primary grades (second grade), so this is a new challenge!...


How does it feel to be a young mom?

I had my first child at 21 and i was having a hard time at the begining because my first child dad was not there and it was hard now i am 24 married with three kids and loving...


Thoughts on co sleeping

Recently my little one had 4 upper teeth all come through at once, and was obviously having some really rough nights, out of desperation I brought her into bed with me to sleep...