too much love??

Ok my 3 yr old loves his brother (whom is 2 mos) Today we had a scare because i put the baby on the couch with a pillow beside him so he wouldnt fall and i was fixing my oldest...



My titheing has been a progression, sort of like a child growing up. At first I tithed what I felt comfortable that our family of 5 could afford, usually 20 or so, I believed...

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Spanking- boys vs girls

For those of you who spank Do boys need more spankings then girls? Do girls get lighter spanks then boys? Does dad only spank the boys, or is he allowed to spank the girls too?...

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Twins wanting to pull/stand

I have 9 month old identical twin girls. The last 3 weeks they have been driving me crazy. ALL they both want to do is pull up and stand, all day long. They used to be content...

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I need help!

So my son has been having issues with eating lately. It seems like only one meal per day (always later in the day, but never same time) he gets really fussy over and spits up...


Casey Anthony?

I am just curious as to what all you moms think. Do you think Casey Anthony is guilty or innocent and why?


In need of some prayers tonight...

I know a lot of you probably won't see this tonight, but if you do... please say a quick prayer for me and my fiance... as most of you know we have been going through a long and...

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My 4 year old is driving me nuts!

Holy cow! Ok so my son is 4 years old, I am a stay at home mom while my partner works durning the day. My son is literally driving me to crazy. He isn't listening to anything I...


Aggressive Children

I think it's important for everyone to realize that aggressive behaviour is natural, because kids get frustrated too and until they learn how to cope productively with their...


Trouble in the Step mom world...

Ok Where do I begin. When I got with my husband 5 years ago his daughter was 3 and he had lived with his mom for the first 3 1/2 years of her life in which she had no dicipline...

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