Brand Name VS No Name

Do you think that buying your children brand name toys helps them learn better than if you were to find 5 no name toys, that do the same things as that 1 brand name toy? My...

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7 yr old with ADD and is stealing

My son is 7 yrs old and is on Methylin 10mg for ADD and PICA. He is doing great in school since starting the meds 1 -1/2 months ago. He hasn't destroyed anyone's property, quit...


Emotional Abuse

Hello everyone, This post isn’t about me. It’s for all the women out there who are unhappy, who are shunned by their boyfriends/husbands but the men won’t let them go,...


Am I overreacting? Any similar situations?

Okay, so I found out I was pregnant with my son in December 2007. I told the father who I was no longer with and he told me that he wanted nothing to do with the child. I let it...

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daddy's new girlfriend 20 years younger

I am new here, searching for suggestions and straight-forward tell it like it is comments. I left my ex after 15 years of horrible, emotional and mental abuse. It's been close...

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children & horror

i have a six month old daughter, i also have an ex-wife & a "step-son" (not officially) involved in our lives. my daughter & her brother get along amazingly, he's five. i love...

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Moving out to get grown children to leave home.

I have two daughters 19 and 22 and one grandson. My 19 year old has two jobs and is planning to move out at the beginning of the year. My 22 year old ran into some legal...

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hello all

Hello, my name is Dawnmarie Haldoupis Wilbur. I am a single mother of two beautiful girls. Through some personal trials and tribulations, I was unable to care for them for a few...

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Disrespect from my 7 year old

My 7 year old boy is very feisty and always talks back, he does not like to admit when he is wrong, he doesn't like to share his things. If he does share, then most of the time...

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How Can A Mother Just Forget About Her Kid???

my SD is 4 years old. we have had full custody of her for 8 months now. the judge ordered that the BM does not have even visits..because of her smoking weed. shes just a fuck up...

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Am I wrong to want to move on?

My fiancee and I have been together almost 6 years now, he has a son that we have been fighting for custody/visitation for almost 5 years. I am just so tired of it, dealing with...

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Fight nice time is it over?

We have some very close friends. Our 14 year old sons are best friends. Mine is trained in martial arts and has mild high fuctioning autism. The other child is very bright,...


how soon to talk about sex with a child?

My boyfriend has a 7 year old daughter from his previous marriage and she recently has been asking her mother about sex. Her mom told her basically it's a private things that...

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