Please help!

My daughter will be 3 in July and this week I have put her in undies and stayed home with her.She has peed in the potty twice.I have been FORCING her to sit on the potty and...

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Child Support and Should I Get Full Custody 2?

Hi my now 4 month old son is surely going to be missing his dad in his life. so i've decided to put child support on him (which is what i should've done from the beginning). I...

Started by Darnisha on 02/08/2010 in Single Moms

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Are all babies clingy?

I have been reading a lot of posts from frazzled mothers who's babies will not let them put them down. They want to be held all day long making it difficult for moms to do...


Nakedness infront of children

I have a 6month old baby and breast feed him every 3hrs, he is a happy and healthy little chap but is easily distracted! especially by his big sister (my SD) who is turning 7...

Started by Alyss on 03/21/2010 in Step Moms

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Pressured to Force Religion on Kids

Yup, I'm a lurker here, and I'm finally going a little more public on this one, just because it's something that's been bugging me as of late. I know a lot of Pagan families...


Had enough!

Does anyone know of a way to get a baby to fall asleep without nursing? I'm at my wits ends and frankly am over it. I've tried patting, rocking etc but my daughter absolutely...


16yr old Daughter left - what now?

My 16 yr old daugher left home over a week ago, and refuses to come home. The only time she calls is to ask for something, and i have made it clear to her that if she chooses...

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ex is verbally abusive to my 8 yr old daughter

This is the first time I have posted on here and I have a serious question that I need advice on. I am in a confused state, I think I know what to do, just need someone telling...

Started by Amber on 06/22/2013 in School-Age Kids

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My uncaring, entitled teenage daughter

My daughter is 15 (16 in a few short weeks) and has a major attitude problem with me. I bend over backwards, do everything I can to make her happy and all I get is backtalk,...

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new baby on the way

My son was 2 in november. He is still within normal for speech and understanding but just a little on the later side...we are going to have another baby in august. i keep trying...

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How to sleep train a spirited 2 year old?

SLEEP TRAINING a "SPIRITED" TWO YEAR OLD: Our daughter turns two this Friday and has had some sleep issues since a double ear infection (2x) in December 2011. Since February...

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staying over with dad!

Hi again! something else has been really playing on my mind, do I let my baby go to sleep at her dad's for a night? she is 10 months old and sees her dad nearly every day. I...


Male/female stereotypes

I recently got in an argument with my mother-in-law over housekeeping. My husband does nothing to help around the house and subsequently my daughter doesn't do much to help...

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On using Gods Name in Vain

A friend sent this to me in an e-mail. I thought it was worth sharing. Taking the Name in vain Posted: September 09, 2006 1:00 am Eastern By Greg Laurie © 2009 Greg...

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