Ar you a helicopter mom? Do you tell people off for listening to crtain kind of music and your kids hear it? Or when someone talks about something strange when your kids are...



OK lady's, I have an 5 year son and i need help with dealing with him and his stepfather to get along we been together for three years now so when we got together my son was 3...

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(I guess i should mention, that this is for a friend. Since i have had "others" questioning me Lol )occer games are about to start and I'm a little stressed because I work Sat...


I need help

I need help . My daughter just told me that she have feelings for girls , what can I do I'm so scare ,and I dont know what to do

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Partially a deadbeat dad?

My partner who I have been with for almost 4 years has a child from a previous relationship. I have spoken to his ex, but we have bumped heads a lot because of her condescending...

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My name is sabryna im 23 i have a 3 year old son who is out of control. Please alll you ladys out thier that have been doin this for years HELP


potty training a little boy..

any suggestions on how to go about it? weve tried the cheerios, "lets make bubbles", seems like nothing is working. it doesnt help that i dont think he really wants to do it!...


Pregnant and parenting a toddler

Hi, I'm about 10 weeks pregnant with our 2nd baby, our 1st turned 2 at the end of March. I'm really struggling with nausea, fatigue and general lack of energy. Our son isn't...

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My 18 yr old daughter got a tatoo.

After graduating from high school a couple weeks ago, my 18 yr. old daughter returned to our home state with her grandparents for a visit. While there she has gotten a tatoo on...


Having trouble making my 3 yr old mind me.

He thinks it is funny to do the exact opposite of what I ask him to do or not to do. When I say, lets get dressed, he runs around the house. I ask him not to throw the pillows...

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