I'm a 49 year old

I'm a 49 year old mom with a 15 year old and 2 grown kids 21 and 24 years old .What was I thinking !!! Stresss my middle name

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Developmental milestones

my son was born 2 months premature and is noew 11 1/2 months old he isnt walking or wven crawling he can get in to position to crawl but he dont move should i be worried or is...

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The BM

I have to go to a meeting with my husband to try to discuss a new parenting plan with BM and the step dad. She wants to move three hours away and seems willing to give us more...

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My son has ADD and my husband, I am convinced is an undiagnosed adult with ADD. The doctor suspects it as well but where my husband is a long haul truck driver, trying to...


School Breaks!

I was wondering how many of you follow your states public school systems breaks for summer, winter, spring etc.....? I homeschool mine for 40 weeks and then they get a 2 month...

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Potty Training

I have started potty traning and my son was doing great and now it seems like he is regressing. What shoud I do?



my 11 month old is now bitting How do i get him to stop before he starts daycare in Jan. he has two top teeth and 4 at the bottom and has bruised my arm and my neck. WHAT...


Night Terrors

Any suggestion for Night Terrors? Raven Savannah is 2 next week and she is still experiencing them. In her first 19 months of live she had over 23 upper respiratory viral...


Scrapbook idea...

So I've been taking tons of photos of my son, as I'm sure all moms do. I keep them all dated by how many weeks old he was each photo. I was thinking of making a scrapbook of...

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Getting ready for baby # 2

Im a 27 year old mom w/ a 16 month old son & getting ready in less than 2 weeks to give birth to my daughter. I tried not to think about it too much through out my pregnancy, I...

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When to go Back to work ????

My lil boy is 15 weeks and I have returned to work thurs / fri (11-4) and a sat (9-4) . I kinda feel bad for leaving him even tho he is with his Nana thur /fri and at home with...

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Cereal feedings...

My son is 5 months old and I gave him his first cereal feeding in a bottle with my breast-milk. I seem to not produce enough milk for him and he gets hungry every couple hours...

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