Should I consider it cheating?

My husband and I recently got married. And by recently, I mean two weeks ago. Before we were married I had questions about a woman with whom my husband had a friendly...

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Would it be right to keep my unborn child away from it's auntie on it's dad's side. She said she didn't care if she didn't have to see my baby and I want to grant her wish so...


Sad my little one will never know his Nanna

Hi everyone, Later this week is the 4 year anniversary of my Mother passing away, it is so hard to believe it has been 4 years. I got married a year after she died and found...

Started by Lindsey on 01/13/2009 in Motherless Moms

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To change my name or not?

I know most of the questions on her are usually about the Baby Daddy's. My questions actually pertains to me. Here is the situation. My mother was in the military when she...


Am I the only one?

So here's the thing - I am a stay at home mom to a wonderful 3 year old little boy and i am having a little bit of trouble. The last 2 months or so I find myself getting...

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Freaked out to have no more

I am 27 and will have my 6th just before I turn 28 (in Feb). I thought I decided to have a tubal during my c-section, but now it is getting really close and I am really freaked...


Generation Gap!?

I was 20 when I fell pregnant, and was only 2 months off my 21st birthday when my daughter was born. I don't feel like a young mum. I feel old for my age and I always have ever...