Letting go

This is probably an unusual topic, but it's what we're going through and I need to share. At 14 my daughter was involved in a school bus accident leaving her with mild/moderate...

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Hardest part of being a stepmom... please help

The most painful experience I have had as a stepmom was breaking up with my fiancee and losing my little girl... this just happened recently, almost 2 months ago, and the last...

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Why can't you get up?

I am not here to judge anyone or start an issue, but why can't some of you single mom's out there get up and go get a job? I read about some of you saying how you look and look...

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Gonna be a blue Christmas.

I feel like such a failure. We've done everything we can think of to try to stop my SSs behaviour. His stealing, lying and complete disrespect for people or property is just...

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Family Members and Autism

Has anyone had experience with family members not wanting to spend time with thier autistic child? My mother has been this way since my son was still an infant. She spends very...


Heartbreaking Choices

We found out at 20 weeks that our unborn child had several problems. 3 doctors and 2 weeks later, the diagnosis was a fatal form of skeletal dysplasia plus fetal hydrops. So...



my son was born premature on Sept. 17th 2008. he was born at 24weeks!! He is just about to turn 13months and we have still not figured out how to sit and crawl. They say...


Does The Apple Fall Far From The Tree?

I don't know that many people in this area, I know even less with kids my sons age and the only people I do know with kids my sons age I would never ever hang out with them....

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Babies With Reflux

do any of you mommies have babies with reflux? i discovered about 2 weeks ago that my Lily has reflux. the poor thing spits up after every feeding and continues to do so for...


Should i let my dad see my son?

Ok so im 20, my dad hasn't really been there for me, throughout my teen years. so i dont think he should have an opinion on what i do with my life. When i turned 19 i got...