i have trouble leaving her with her father

i have a 3 month old. And i have the hardest time leaving her with her father :( he is a great guy and he can take care of her. but i always take her with me. even just going to...

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would u call it child abuse??????

ok i was recently told that my step-sons mother took him to the poliece station and had his cuts and scrapes documented for child abuse. my son told him mom where they came...

Started by Rebecca on 04/01/2011 in Step Moms

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What to do about my Husband slacking?

I'm truly at a loss, I've asked my husband numerous times to help me more with our kids (2 yr old and a 4 month old) but he doesn't. He's so obsorbed in himself. I'm tired of...

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Is smacking my child wrong?

I have a son ho is 5. He is rude, obnoxious, ungreatful and very naughty. After a difficult week of his behaviour the last straw was when I told him to go to his room...


She wanted to go against court order/divorce papers

So we all know that it's tax season and you can't turn on the TV without hearing about the recession and how everyone is loosing their jobs. I am grateful to have my job and...

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Any Stepmoms who have an EOW visitation schedule?

I ask this because there are a lot of stepmom's on the site who have custody with the husband. I think this is a noble thing and helping to raise other people's kids is a very...

Started by Megan on 07/16/2009 in Step Moms

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New mommy- want advice

Hey everyone, I am a first time mommy, and thru a series of unfortunate events (drama drama drama) I resigned from my teaching job, 1st year teaching. I loved teaching and...

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Morning after pill and breastfeeding

This is a delicate question, but i was wondering if the morning after pill is safe while breastfeeding. we had an accident and the condom slipped off, didnt break, but im not on...

Started by Justine on 12/21/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Is my son autistic?

Today I took my son to the doctor for an unrelated reason to this topic, but she has been concerned because of his delay in speech. My son is 15 months old, doesn't talk a whole...