Advice on suing for full custody???

Please help!! If you are doing this or have done this before could you please help?? and If you are in the state of NC that would be helpful too!


Hi my name is Merrie

I am a mum with soooooo many children. LOL. I have 3 older children ages 33, 30, and 25 and I have 3 step children ages 30, 29 and 25 and now I am raising two of my 10...

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What to do?

I've lived in Florida my entire life until just recently. Needless to say I have NO idea what to do during the cold weather. I know its going to get much colder, but do you...

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I want to adpot my sk...

ok so im the step mom of two beautiful children and there bm has not been in the pic for almost three years i want to adpot them and make it offical by christmas i dont have...

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Moving out...

So my daughter is taking my first grandkid and moving. It scared the crap out of me because my daughter is too young. Sadie (my granddaughter) has pretty much been my side kick...


clothes and rewearing them!

today i had the biggest stupid fight with my son over him wanting to wear the same outfit to school he wore yesterday. He also wore it sunday evening home from his moms house...


Separation Anxiety

I'm a stay at home mom with an almost 11 month old and he will not stay with anyone now because he is so attatched to me. When I do try to let someone watch him he screams...

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What are the grandparents rights?

I was a teen mom myself and I am now writing on here for my neice that just had a baby. She is 16 years old and lives with her parents and siblings with her child. Her mom (my...

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And away we went....

For those of you who read my post a few weeks back about how freaked out I was that we were going to Maui and my mom and step dad would be watching our son for 5 days......


Baby fair question

I am going to be a vendor at the Welcome Wagon Baby Fair in June and I am looking for some first hand advice. Has anyone been to one or is looking to go? I want to be able to...

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Shouls I quit my job to finish school?

I am currently a full time student in my last year, I have a part time job that is ok, but not in love with. While doing all that I am a mom, and I am in a serious relationship...

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Me and Megan

I am a first time mom and am 27 years old. I had my daughter on July 29th 2009 and she is wonderful. I am married and also have two step sons that I love just as much as Megan....

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Side Income

Am a working mom but would like to supplement my salary but getting an activity or bussiness I can do from home. I have Art and design experience .any ideas?

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Dad deployed for Father's Day

Hey moms, My husband is deployed all the time and has missed Holidays of all kinds, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, anniversaries, etc... I have always been ok with it and had a...


Finally thankful

Ok I just really wanted to thank my kid's stepmom. Me and her didn't always see eye to eye and sure we wont on everything lol. Just wanted to know if there was anyone else out...

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