How do you know when to give up?

My daughter's father and I haven't had the best relationship. We've been together 3 years and things haven't always been easy. My pregnancy was horrible because his family & I...

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Divorce i tough

Ok long story short I have 2 boys 8 and 14. My ex is the 8 year olds dad, and the 14 year old has a diff dad. Yes frown on me but it happens. My ex took care of my 14 year old...


Im a single mom!!!

How in the world do I get the father of my son to stand up be a man and take responablity for his action(our son)? I mean to start paying his cdhild support. I really don't want...


When it comes to the daddy.....

I have had a rough month of adjusting to/figuring out my baby's routine.....his quirks, what he likes, what he doesn't (as far as positions to be held in/soothed in) and so...


Stress eating & other bad eating habits

I have always known I have issues with food. I've never seen a therapist or anything, I've just learned to work around it or ignore most of it. Lately there has been a...

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what do i do when he crys for his dad??

seans dad and i dont get on...hes 37yrs this year and doesnt seem to understand wat being a parent means (he has 3 other kids)...he has been in and out of seans life since sean...

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Okay I have Five children from ages 9 to 2 years old. None of them respect me, My nine year old throw tantrums like a two year old, my eight year old will go beserk, throwing...

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Help Please!

I have two small children, a 21 month old son and a 10 month old daughter, I also have two step daughters, a 10 year old and a 5 year old. The 5 year old is staying with us for...


my 15 mo wont walk. help!

hi. my september 2009 child will be 15 months on the 9th. but he wont walk and wont talk. he is jsut now pulling up to things. is this normal? i dont know how to help him learn...


The dreaded potty training

I have to tell you. Our daughter has been really difficult to train. I have two older kids, and once we said we were going to train.. it took no time. This time around. She does...

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