4 year old is cold to her little sister....

I have a 4 year old stepdaughter and I love her very much. My problem is this: She is very cold towards her 2 1/2 old sister. We are a very affectionate family (lots of hugs...

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http://www.cnn.com/2011/OPINION/07/05/granderson.bratty.kids/index.html So what do you all think? Finally or not again? Personally, I found it refreshing. I get so tired of...

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Stepmom Gripes

Well, I'm a Bio-Mom and I don't try to control the stepmother...I have enough to do without trying to control another adult, I just wish she would act like one. She yells and...

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I hate ex wife drama!!

So I found out tonight that on a certain web page we (my husband and I) are being blasted about how bad of parents we are, how my husband only married me because she wouldn't...

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affair child

long story short........i was involved in an affair and became pregnant, i kept my baby and i love him more than i could imagine...im in the process of going thru court for...


Staying together for the kids?

So here's the hypothetical scenerio.... You catch your partner cheating. He/she isn't a repeat offender as far as you know. Do you try to work through it to save your marriage...

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is it just me ?

please respond in an adult manner every one is entitled to their own opinion i do NOT wish to start arguments just to ask you views on adoption in a previous post i was slated...