lips turning purple!

Last night my 23mo. old son started with a little fever. He still had it this morning, so I gave him some motrin. We went grocery shopping and got home about the time the motrin...

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Random Chat 85

I was hoping for Thurs to be our first Weekly Chit Chat Night. Due to the hour differences it could start as early as 4 in afternoon California, USA time. and go from there. I...

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My Walgreens Savings & Giveaway!

I had a pleasant trip to my favorite Walgreens today! I returned to pick up my free Aveeno set that the cashier couldn't find on Sunday. The manager rang it up for free and then...

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Racist cupcakes?

http://thestir.cafemom.com/food_party/113724/are_duncan_hines_cupcakes_racist That's the link. You have to read it and see it to believe it.

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low sex drive help !!!!

iave 4 children 5yr 3yr nearly 2yr an nearly 1yr ive now got a rewally low /non existent sex drive my partner thinks its him but i just dont want it at all please help if any...


Looking for something to hide veggies in!

I have 4 kids 3 of them will not eat Veggies well the green ones. And the worst of it is my husband done eat them as well. I miss veggies myself. The only few they will eat is...

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Am I The Only One?!

Ok, so this is kind of a rant / question... Am I the only mommy of an Autistic child who gets tired of hearing other moms, who don't have Autistic children, or even special...