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Feeding on demand or to a strict routine??

My baby is approaching 2 weeks old...most of the time she goes between 3 and 4 hours between feeds (bottle!) but sometimes if she doesnt settle after a feed very well, she'll be...


Am I to strict to enforce the 8 o clock bedtime

My son is 2 and a half. We have been enforcing the 8 o clock bedtime for the last two weeks. And it a traumatic afair for all of us in the house. My son cries that his entie...

Started by Mandy on 03/24/2011 in Toddler Moms

Last update on 03/29/2011 by Brianna


Twin feeding and sleep schedule and sleep routines

Hi, I am trying to get ideas on what kind of feeding and sleep schedule you have for your twins. My boys are 3.5 months old and are currently sleep 4-5 45min naps each day. They...

Started by User on 03/15/2011 in Twins

Last update on 06/05/2013 by Veronica


Are we strict on our kids?

16 year old daughter: Chores consist of cleaning her room and bathroom she shares with 13 year old sister (only share bathroom not bedroom), washing and drying dishes with...

Started by Christian on 01/27/2014 in Moms Of Teenagers

Last update on 01/28/2014 by ♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫


Pls help with a feeding/sleep schedule!!

My fraternal twin boys are 11 days old and they are starting to show signs of how different their needs are. One of them like to eat lots, less often and the other likes to eat...

Started by Amelie on 01/14/2011 in Twins

Last update on 01/08/2012 by Nicole


Schedules and Sleeping All Night

I have a 2 month old who can go 6 hours between bottles at night. How can I get her on some kind of schedule to go down at a certain time and sleep all night going beyond the 6...


Sleep & Feeding Schedule (or lack there of)

Hello All, i'm new to the site and to motherhood! My name is Lisa, we had our first baby, daughter Julia, on 5/15/09. She's been sleeping long stretches at night but nothing...

Started by Lisa on 09/09/2009 in May 2009 Babies

Last update on 09/10/2009 by Brenda


How do you set a nap schedule?

I am struggling with getting Easton to take naps. I read that he should be sleeping 9-12 hours at night which he does, and then taking 2 naps 2-3 hours each. He will go all...

Started by Jamie on 10/04/2009 in June 2009 Babies

Last update on 10/25/2009 by Amy


Is my husband too strict? His ex-wife says he is.

Recently, my husband found out that our 14 year old had lied 4 times about where she was. She was supposed to be sleeping over at a friend's house and then we find out she is...

Started by Nadia on 01/30/2013 in Hot Topics

Last update on 04/08/2013 by Sarah


When did you start your baby on a schedule?

I have a 2 month old and I know that I need to eventually start her on a schedule I just don't know when or how. When and how did you start your baby on a schedule? Thank you!

Started by Holly Janelle on 05/16/2011 in Babies And Infants

Last update on 05/20/2011 by Amy


Do other July babies have a real 'schedule"

I'm just wondering if other July babies have a rigid schedule....I'm still struggling to establish one with my daughter. I'm a teacher and I think my desire for an organized...

Started by Stephanie on 02/02/2010 in July 2009

Last update on 12/26/2011 by Krista

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