Dugger family recipe's

NEW! ~ Grandpa Duggar's Favorite Banana Cake 1 box yellow cake mix 2 boxes vanilla pudding mix 5 bananas Prepare cake mix & pudding as directed on boxes. After baking cake,...

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Bored 20 month old

Hi moms, I was wondering what you guys do as activities when it's raining. My little guy would be outside 24/7 but with the amount of rain we got in the past few weeks, I...


HELP!! So many cloth diapers...

I'm kind of getting a late start to cloth diapers. My little girl is almost 15 months old and I'm just so tired taking out the trash from her room and seeing all the $$ I'm...


How to handle the daily life of twins???

I have seven month old twins. I'm still trying to figure how to manage them both without losing my sanity. Can anyone help??????

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Pet peeves and/or likes and dislikes...

Funny how this one came about. I was just now typing on my computer when I realized I really like the sound of typing. However, the space bar and backspace buttons annoy me....


is there no cure?venting about eczema

forgive me but I am just so tired & upset. I have 3 kids 8yr old(boy), 5yr old (boy) and a 2 yr old (girl) . My 5 yr old was diagnosed with several (sever) food allergies at...



My little one has been on antibiotics for ear infection. She is on a 10 day dose and 5 days into it she got the most horrific diaper rash I have ever seen. No actual open...


Paranoid or Prudent?

I have a friend who is very vigilant about avoiding any and all substances that can cause cancer or other kinds of diseases. Obviously BPA is not to be found in her home....

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Natural Cleaners/Disinfectant

I'm looking for a good natural cleaner/disinfectant that is safe for kids and their toys, but still kill germs. Any suggestions?

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tips 4 pregnant women

hi what do u think is more important 4 the pregnant woman to know about her 9 months?!?!?! i m writing a book about these tipe and i need ur help thanks