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New on here

Hi everyone. I have a 18 month old daughter with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus (among other things). The doctors did not expect her to live past birth and if she did would...


naps at 1yr

Hi All, How many naps do your little ones have at a year? My son has a mid-morning- noon nap of about 2-2.5 hrs and then an afternoon nap of 45 min - 1hr but I am finding he...

Started by Nusret on 07/10/2010 in July 2009

Last update on 07/17/2010 by Tara


For the anti-circs/and whoever else is interested

re-posted cafemom So, yeah, here we go with the circumcision debate -- again. One of the hot button topics in Babydom ... and especially in San Francisco. We reported on this...

Started by Katherine on 03/08/2011 in Hot Topics

Last update on 03/15/2011 by Jenni

Random Chat #101

Hey ladies should we go for 2000 post this time? I wonder how many does that would take??? It is 7:00 PM California time on November 16, 2011. Let her rip.

Started by Shannintipton on 11/16/2011 in Bitchin Ladies

Last update on 11/19/2011 by Shannintipton


Left Hemishperectomy

My 21 month old just had a left hemispherectomy. Im new to circle of moms and hoping to find some moms who have been through this. Anyone else have a child who had the LEFT...


Multicystic Kidney

Hi! I'm new here. My youngest is now 11 months old but he was born with only one working kidney...which thank God is functioning exactly as it should. However the cysts on...


Anyone elses baby have to get a broviac??

I took my 8 month old daughter to the ER on tuesday because she had stopped putting pressure on her left foot/leg. They then took an X-RAY and found something unusual in the...



sorry, just had to scream a little. I've been sick since Friday. I've been coughing like crazy, fever, ya, you all know about that stuff. I've felt pretty nasty. Of course being...

Started by Jennifer on 04/17/2012 in Bitchin Ladies

Last update on 04/18/2012 by Karen


Ruby Leisha

Taken at 6 days old ... Ruby had complex caridiac problems and blessed us with her presence for a mere 9 days. She had 4 open heart surgeries, but life was just going to be far...


Please pray

My daughter asked me to post this for our sweet ladies to pray. An update on my friend Linda. – Her first biopsy came back inconclusive so on Friday they did a needle...

Started by Carla on 01/17/2012 in Christian Moms

Last update on 06/24/2014 by Carla



Hey just wanted to ask all u other moms to BOYS if any of your sons were born with a Inguinal hernia? My son was and i only noticed when he was 6 weeks old...he is now going to...

Started by Jen on 08/23/2010 in Moms Of BOYS

Last update on 09/02/2010 by Jen


New to this....Tetralogy of Fallot anyone?

My name is Geneva, I have a 5 1/2 tr old son who was born with Tetralogy of Fallot and two surgeries later...he is a happy healthy rambunctious boy! Scary to see your baby...

Started by Geneva on 01/29/2009 in Heart Babies

Last update on 04/06/2014 by Lily


Mic-key tube complications

My son has had his Mic-Key for 5 months and had his first change a month ago. last week, his stoma site starting leaking formula. One night it soaked his pajamas and crib it was...

Started by Jamie on 09/27/2009 in G-tube Parents

Last update on 12/31/2011 by Rachel


Is a Hysterectomy a good or bad thing?

hi everyone, i am in the process of being referred to a gynacologist to have a hysterectomy. well ur all probly wondering why the heck im even looking at doing this to my body...

Started by Elaine on 05/11/2010 in Moms Over 40

Last update on 08/13/2013 by Camille

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