Symphysis pubis dysfunction

I am 39 weeks pregnant and i have symphysis pubis dysfunction. Does anyone know anything about this? How will i deliver my baby? I can't even spread my legs and can barely walk,...


Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

i was just told dat i have SPD (im due on d 1st of nov) and was wondering if anybody else did suffer or is suffering from it and do you have any advice on how 2 reduce the pain...

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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction

Well, now I know why my hips and back have been bothering me for so many months! Little did I know, it could get so much worse. Now, it appears my pubic symphysis could have...

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symphysis pubis dysfunction - help

when i was pregnant with my lil girl who is now 7 1/2 month my pelvis was out of place and it still isnt right, it still hurts as it did then, i was just wodering has anyone...

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Symphysis pubis dysfunction

I have been diagnosed with SPD - some days I can walk fine and other days I am in agony and Im housebound. I have started swimming doing breast stroke to try and strengthen any...

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Symphysis pubis dysfunction

Hi, I am 25 weeks pregnant with my baby girl Tenleigh and I have been experiencing EXTREME pain since the start of my second trimester. My OB just kept telling me it was fine...


37 weeks and it hurts to walk

Im 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and my lower abdomen hurts when i walk. anybody have an idea of whats goin on. And yes i am planning on talking to my doctor about it at...


Breech birth

Is it safer to do a csection for breech or is it safer to do a vaginal birth for breech. Drs in my area say surgery is safer, but I really wonder if this is just because they...

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