anyone introduce solids yet?

My son Liam just turned 6 months yesterday and we let him have some rice cereal (mixed with breastmilk of course!). I was just wondering a) if anyone else has yet b) how...

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hi moms my boy eats most foods but doesn't want to let go of the milk, he takes isomil. He can eat what ever then wants his milk, is there any substitude to this or I should...

Started by Gqabi on 04/26/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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my son has got 6 front teeth 2 bottom and 4 on top plus he has now got 2 upper back teeth 1 each side but he has not got his side teeth has anyone else every heard or gone...


Not enjoying bathtime...

So my daughter has started to cry and fuss while having a bath. The same thing happened with my older daughter, now 3 1/2, she hated bath time. I tried toys, bubbles, bath...


refrdigerated milk

Ok question. I pump some milk a couple of days ago and put it in the fridge. I would like to take it with me on my trip to the mall so I can feed my son with out having to sit...

Started by Samara on 05/31/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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teeth suck!!!!

hey moms, i have 2 kids. i didnt have anyproblems with my first teething. but my son is 11mths and no teeth yet. iv been told its normal( so whatever) but he cant do pain. iv...


7 mos old. only 2 bottles a day

my twins are 7 mos old. they only drink 2-3 bottles a day. but they each eat a jar and a half of baby food 3 x a day. sometimes they will drink juice but would prefer fruit...

Started by Amy on 07/16/2010 in Moms Of Preemies

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I'm sad!

My 16 mo daughter turned down her morning nursing for the first time and I cried! She weaned herself to this point and I am continuing to follow her lead and we've been down to...

Started by Charmaine on 07/21/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Chewing bottle...

For the past 2 weeks, my daughter has been "chewing" the nipple of her bottle when she eats instead of sucking on it. Then she gets upset because she is not getting as much out...

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14 months quit bottle milk

since my baby were born she has been drinking s26 formula infact that was the only milk she was able to frink the rest she vomits or refuse now at 14 months she is refusing to...

Started by Raisa on 08/23/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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Pumping at work

I am really sick of pumping at work, but I want to continue BF so I am trying to figure out what I can do differently as far as a feeding schedule, so I don't have to pump...

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Hi, I have been told that if you have a different father to your ex: second child, there is less chance of getting pre eclampsia, as it generally runs in the fathers genes. Is...