Is it normal?

My baby girl is 5 months old and she started sleeping through the night t 2months but at 4 months she started wakes up twice during the night. I feed her cearel for dinner and...



My son is 11 months old and its time to wean him :( how do i make this easier on both of us?

Started by Michelle on 06/04/2010 in July 2009

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Time to get off the bottle?

We have been letting our little one experiment with a sippy cup since about 8 or 9 months but she has bever caught on to it. She will take a few sips from it and then proceed to...

Started by Doni on 06/09/2010 in June 2009 Babies

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Healthy Children-WE ARE BLESSED!

I'm having one of those days I would love to sit and cry. The kids have gotten into EVERYTHING! Everything I cleaned yesterday is no longer clean. They have eaten peanut...

Started by Tasha on 08/26/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Nick names- please help!!

We are having a boy and he is going to be the fifth. Which means he has the same name as my husband, his dad, his grandpa and his great grandpa. We were thinking of nick names...


At home ways to stay in shape for busy mothers

After having my wonderful son, Israel, I find it very difficult to lose weight! I read up on websites on how to get back in shape but I need more of a practical aproach since I...

Started by Kourtne on 10/27/2010 in Christian Mommies

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13 almost 14 months old and still no teeth

Okay so i am desperate and worried and flabergasted that i still see no signs of teeth. My son was 3 months old when he started teething and we thought wow he might get teeth...

Started by Daisy on 11/11/2010 in Teething

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swimming lessons

so my daughter is 5 months old and loooves the water. also we live near a lake so i think its best if i take her to swimming lessons. my worry is i no that heated pools are...

Started by Rachel on 11/22/2010 in June 2010 Mommas!

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My dd is still not walking

My dd (dearest daughter) is still not walking. She just turned 15 months. She looks like the Gerber baby! She says words, of course mama da da, ball, that, doggie, hi, points to...


Breast pump issues?!

My daughter is 5 weeks old today. Since we brought her home, I have been EP since long story short I needed to pump. I also will be going back to work. When I bought my double...



Hello everyone. I'm new to the Circle. My name is Alison and my daughter is Jordan. We just celebrated her 1st bday. She is our first. Wow! What a year. =) I just was curious if...



for those of you that are starting you child on soilds not just baby cereal. I have a question... do you find your child to refuse the soilds some day and cant get enough...



What are some ways to get my daughter to eat better at home? At daycare she eats everything she makes for her, but at home she will only eat baby food. Any suggestions on how to...