How Long Should I Let This Go On?

I have a 2.5 year old boy who is super picky about food. Ever since he started on solids, he rarely eats fruits or vegetables that are not pureed. And even when he does one day...


Transition into solids

My LO is almost 7 months old, and I'm having trouble figuring out how much to feed her when. I have a book that has a chart on how much to feed a 6-9 month old, but she's not...

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Broke down and put her on meds

My daughter Ashlee who is 7 has ADHD and ODD. We have been trying to avoid meds by going organic but unfortuneatly that is just too expensive. I still buy the organic juiceboxes...


My 13 month old won't drink her milk

My daughter is 13 months old - around 12 months we switched her from formula to whole milk. She did great with it for the first couple of weeks, but recently it's been alot of...

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alot of moms have trouble getting their toddlers to eat veggies. well my almost 3 year old loves them and fruit also. what she dosnt like is any kind of meat she will pick at...

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Mom's Night In:

A moms night in is a great way for mothers to socialize without either great expense or the need to organize baby sitters. It works best if a group of you take turns hossting an...

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CONFUSED, is it just my imagination?

im turning 27 this month. me and my husband was trying for just a month now. he worked abroad and he has a 3 month vacation here.he arrived last june 25. since then were kinda...

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My 2 Year old wont eat anything

Hi guys...i need some help with my daughter....she does not like to eat. She is a very active 27 month old baby but she refuses to eat ANYTHING...at first alot of you might...

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I am so tired....Like so so so tired. Tired to the point that it makes a mockery of all the other times in my life when I thought I couldn't get more exhausted. My three...


Eating Habits!!!

My daughter is 9 months and the last doctors visit she weighed 16 pounds is this normal? How many times a day should she eat? should I feed her on demand or should there still...

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why does my baby girl get the hiccups? she gets them at least twice daily and gets so fuctrated and unconfortable, she is only 2 months old


questions about spoon feeding

My son Michael was born October 14, 2008. He weighed 8lbs., 6oz. when he was born, and at his last doctor’s appointment (the first week of March) he weighed 16lbs., 10oz....


can nurse can't pump

I have a seven month old baby boy and he is getting teeth 2 in and 6 on the way. I can nurse him just fine but when i try to pump i cant even get an ounce most of the time. my...

Started by Kristina on 01/03/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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