What helps bring on labor??

Does anyone know if its Karol syrup that helps bring on labor??? IF so, how much of it and if not, what can help??

Started by Nicole on 02/10/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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How to home induce your self

I'm 37wks pregnant and 2cm dilated as of Friday, make doctor wants me to try to go in to labor soon. He said baby is more then ready and at a good weight and would like him to...



Did you do anything that helped you go into labor? Im 40 weeks 3 days.

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How to start hard labor?

Hi ladies, im at 4 cm dialated...and having some contractions but easily ignoring them, im just wondering if anyone has tried anything to like get yourself into them hard...


How can i start off labour?

I need to get this baby out! I am due in less than 4 days now but feel terrible! My pelvis hurts, i have near constant heartburn and cant sleep properly. i was actually sick...


Inducing Labor

I am 39wks pregnant and I am wondering if taking Castrol Oil really works. If so where do you get it.I have tried going for walks excerises, having sex eating spicy foods ,...


No labor yet please help!

Hello everyone, Hope you had a great holiday! I would also like to know if there is anyway to jump start my labor. I was due yesterday Dec. 25 and still no sign of anything. I...


Bringing on labour?

When is the best time to start trying all the different ways people have said to bring on labour e.g sex, raspberry leaf tea, walking etc etc? (How long does it take to actually...

Started by Jess on 07/14/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Self Induced labor?

I am 39 weeks today...only one measly cm dilated and no effacement, any advice or tips on how to move along my labor at home. Recipes, teas, activities...any and all is appreciated


Naturally Inducing Labor- Any Tips?

So I am officially 2 days over due, and trying every natural way of inducing labor. I have tried spicy food, pineapple, herbal raspberry tea, bouncing on a ball, rolling on a...

Started by Alexa on 11/07/2010 in Expecting

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