19 Year Old Young Adult Male

Hello, I have a son that's 19 years of age. We've brought out children up in church, they read their Word and they know the Lord. However, my 19 year old has become...

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Advice! My Children's Public Behavior

Hi, this is my first post and I was hoping to get some advice regarding my children's behavior. I have an almost 3 year old and just turned 4 year old. The problems that I am...

Started by Sandra on 07/29/2013 in Toddlers

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Relocation after a divorce

I have two toddlers from a previous marriage, I am remarried to a soldier but in Oregon it's hard to come by a full time/permanent job... My husband was informed he would have...


how do you structure your day?

so in all of my dealings with an ADHD child, i always get told they need structure. what i am doing isn't working. it doesn't work for me, and it sure as shit doesn't work for...

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sleep trusting

how can i trust my husband with out baby that is 4 months old, at night when everyone is sleeping and hes a hard sleeper. he doesn't even budge when the baby cries. and i can't...


Punishment for a 5 yr old.

I have a 5 yr old daughter with ADHD. We are trying to figure out punishment ideas for her. Nothing seems to work. I have taken her toys, tv, ipod, ect. away. She doesn't...



I am an almost 26 yr old mom of three, ages 4 1/2, 2 1/2 and 10 month old. :) yeah... I definitely have my hands full. I am looking forward to meeting and getting advice from...

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Hyper Active Child..need some advice

Okay so I have been getting some awesome advice from everyone about my son and his sleeping and potty training..Which we are going to try everything everyones recommended..The...

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Has anyone else had a homebirth? I had my son at home with a midwife and absolutely loved it! I can't wait to do it again! If anyone is interested, I can tell you all about it.

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I want some answers!

I have had two early miscariges and a 20 wk still born, i am about 8 wks along now and am very very scared. Doctors say bad luck and have no answers. If anyone has been through...


starting over

My daughter is 10 and we have a 5 week old. She loves the new baby, wants to help and play with him all the time. We are having a hard time adjusting to how we can let her...