Help, flying to Egypt

My husbeen and I will be flying to egypt when our daughter will be 16 months old. We did not buy a seat for her. im not sure how its going to go. does anyone have any ideas...


step daughter pictures ):

The other day I received a picture in a text message of my step daughter from her mom and when I looked at it today I realized there is a massive bruise on her forehead like...

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Guilt-not having time with children

Many times I feel guilty because I don't have enough time with my kids since I work outside the home. By the time I get home in the evening I barely have time to check...

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potty time!!!!

I have a 6.5 year old that we have been trying to potty train for the last 2 years. He is a very stubborn little guy. So if anybody has a suggestion on what I can do or have had...


Need help, should i start a relationship? or not?

well, i have this guy in my life, who isnt my sons dad, but he is my sons dads bestfriend.... i really like him and i dont know what to do. Should i try to be with him and see...

Started by Britany on 05/27/2009 in Single Moms

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My Teen Daughter & Boys

I don't know what to do my daughter has been seeing a boy behind my back who I found out is on probation for steeling a car and drugs, he was expelled from 2 schools for drugs...


how can i get more family time

my boyfriend works full time but when he at home he does very little house work and does do any of the nappies or feeds for our daughter he only interested in bathtime as it fun...


What to do next?

My son is 20 months old and has developmental delays. He is finally catching up thanks to PT and is also in DT. However because the DT programs in our area are overly full they...


How to market my business?

I have just opened a bookkeeping business from my home. I am having a tough time determining how to successfully market my business. I have over 18 years Accounting...


Paternal Post-natal Depression

My husband has been diagnosed with paternal post-natal depression again. He was diagnosed with this after our first child was born too. Apparently he already had a mild...


my 18 months old son

my son is coming up 18 months old and has started hitting when he gets told off i try to do the super nannys naughty spot but my husband does not agree that he is old enough to...

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Take a look at this website for a min and read the article, I know it's a little outdated from December of 2005, but I did look up todays standard practices and nothing has...