dad overseas..

i have a 1 year old daughter, the dad is from england. i came back to chicago when i was pregnant because we were having problems.. he was fighting for custody of his other two...

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Step daughter cut all ties with her father becuz of me

4 years ago my husbands daughter cut all ties with him and moved in with her BM and said it was becuz of me. I still don't know what I did and probably never will. During these...

Started by Christie on 10/29/2009 in Step Moms

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Is this really a problem?

Husband of 7 years constantly demands to be alone. He sleeps on the couch and gets angry if myself or my kids want to be in the same room with him at any given time. He stays...


Jumping in to a new "Family"

Brian and I separately went to two different amazing churches growing up as children. We met at college, got married, had a beautiful daughter and moved to Northern Virginia. We...

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Have any other mothers had mothers who....

My mother does not see me as a mature adult, even though I'm 22 and lived on my own for 4 years before coming back. I found out I was pregnant a month afterward. I worked 40-70...

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I need sympathy & encouragment!

My hubby just left for OCS, which means we'll barely even get to talk for 3 months. I have two-year-old twin girls, and I'm 6 months pregnant with baby girl #3 (if we're lucky...



Been a while since I've been on here. A lot of wonderful things have happened. i received a job from home so that I can make a decent income but be just a few steps away from my...

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burnt out sahm needing a break

This wil orobably be long so sorry in advance. Ive been a sahm now for going on 4 years jn december, with a almost 4 yr old, 16 month old, & baby due in january. I love...

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