Does anyone else...........

find it somewhat "hard" to pray for your enemies, I'll call them when they've crossed you, and you know that there is ABSOLUTELY nothing you've done except to try and be nice? I...

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labour at 27 weeks ?

hiya all i was very scared last night as i had alot of labour like pains i knew it wasnt braxton hicks as i have had them alot lately too this feeling was completely different i...


Vaccinations - What do I do?!

I try not to put anything unnatural into my baby's body. The only reason I stopped nursing and moved to formula is because I was pumping/feeding every 2-3 hours and barely even...

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"Need advice" VBAC

I have a one year old and 20 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby. The first baby, after pushing with no pain meds (because they turned my epidural off) for 2 1/2 hrs I had to have...


The "NO" factor! What do you do?

Hello everyone, My son is 2.5yrs and very smart. So smart to the point that he's figured out all my bluffs and knows how to get around things. He's a great listener, loves to...


How to know if your ready for a second child

I have a 14 month old daughter and since she was only months old I wondered what it would be like with asecond child. I am always trying to list to myself and my husband the...

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my 1st baby

Hey everyone..this is my first baby...so I don't really know all about having a baby...how much does your 6 month old eat in a day? Do you feed them certain table foods??


Picky eater!!!

My 4yr. old son refuses to eat anything other than chicken nuggets, jelly sandwiches, french toast, pancakes, and waffles. I have tried bribary and letting him see his peers...


Milk: A dangerous food?

I've very recently received an e-mail about the dangers of consuming cow's milk. I've only just started doing some research on the issue and was shocked to find out about the...


I feel so alone

So back in June, I posted about having a baby shower for a second pregnancy. I ended up having a miscarriage and then conceiving the next month. This pregnancy is going great....


Pregnant while he's deployed...anyone else?

Hey there, Just curious if anyone else is currently pregnant while their hubby is deployed? Or have you gone thru a pregnancy while he's been away? Looking to chat with people...

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