Natural child birth

So I am getting a lot of grief because I am choosing to do a natural child birth. That is just what I choose to do and i'm not sure how to confront people when they say, you...

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Pumping tips please

Giving my son formula the first time around this pregnancy i really wanted to go a head and try pumping this time. The only thing is that I know nothing about pumping. I don't...



Somebody brought up a good point in another debate.....what defines intelligence? Is it measured by the number of university degrees you have? Is a university degree make you...


autism and school

when is it right to step in when you thank the school may have gone to far in disaplining a child that has autism.or when the parent dosnt agree with the schools policy on how...


What to expect as an Army wife?

Hello everyone, I am currenty a military wife but my husband got out of full time and when guard for the past 3 years due school, family and personal resons. Now after 3 years...

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Is 11 too young for braces?

Damaris doesn't have crooked teeth but even though she brushes I want to know that her teeth are healthy and I know braces are good for teeth. Am I making too big a deal out of...


10 ways Christians tend to fail at being Christian

I especially like #1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/john-shore/10-ways-christians-tend-t_b_562583.html Speaking as someone who, well, had the conversion experience 14 years...

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Blond hair fair skin

Just wondering who else has a biracial child who is blond or had blond hair at some point. I'm white and my husband is black with we are told native american and filipino mixed...


Getting husband motivated

Hey everyone, I need advice on getting my husband motivated. I love him more than life itself but I can't get him to do a thing. I work full time and come home at night and...

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