do i have the right to say anything?

Hello! I have two stepchildren, 7 yr old SD and 5 yr old SS. my husband gets the kids every weekend starting on sun afternoons until tuesday morning. there is no set time...

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how did u no that ur child had this? how can u tell the diffirence between that and just being plain naughty... i have a child with a mind of his own and has done some...


November birthday Ideas??

Sadly my lil baby is growing up and is going to be one in november. I have no idea what to do for his party? Ive been thinkin keep it simple just do something in the house, but...


A mouth full

I've recently enrolled my 12 month old son into daycare. He doesn't start for two more weeks but I've been trying food at home that I've seen on their menu, A lot of it is new...

Started by Corey on 02/02/2010 in Toddlers

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Thrush! It HURTS!

My almost 3 month old son and I both have thrush, and it will NOT go away! I have been treating him and myself for over 3 weeks now, and it is persistent! My Doctor gave me...

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Need a New Support Network!!!

I am not sure how to make new friends while balancing work and children, and I am feeling completely alone!!! I just moved to a new town after accepting a new job. I am a...


what should i do? (frustrated w/ boyfriend)

My boyfriend and I have been together over 5 years,living together 1 yr, and have a 3 month old...ever since the baby has been born,pretty much,it seems like whatever he does...

Started by Rachel on 05/14/2011 in Stay At Home Moms

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Stressed soon to be Step-Mom

I've taken on 2 soon to be SK about 4 years ago and the behaviors of lack of disrespect, and ill values are weighing thin on me. I have two of my own and one with my fiance. The...


Spina bifida

Hello Everyone! I have a 11 month old son with spina bifida. He has a shunt for his hydrocephalus, also a feeding tube because he is unable to eat orally. He has very low...


I need help

My son is such a loveing little guy but sometmes I feel like I am going to pull my hair out I have been trying not to medicate hime an try other alternative like attentive child...