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I just need support

Ive lost 2 before and am pregnant again. My husband doesnt give any support for the good or bad. He doesnt get excited when firsts happen, like the first ultrasound, the...


Officially Diagnosed

Okay so my 3.5 yr old was officially diagnosed last week as Autistic.. Not really a shock to me though no matter what you can never really prepare yourself to hear it from a...


Meals to Freeze

Hey all, I'm going to have my first baby in a few weeks and I'd really like to make and freeze some meals ahead of time so my husband and I don't A) starve, or B) go broke...


What should I do about my ex's mother?

My boyfriend and I split up about two weeks ago. We have a two month old daughter that is staying with me. We visit him a couple times a week so that he can see her but it is...

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MIL troubles..

Ok. So I left my son with my mother in law while I ran an errand. She called me and when i answered she said I needed to hurry so i can take my son to the ER that he ate ICY...

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I am 8 weeks preggers and still adjusting. I am so tired all the time and nauseas (never had this in my previous pregnancy). How do I handle it? Any moms have good advice how to...


Yeast infection

Hi all! My daughter has had a recurring yeast infection for about a month now. I've done everything the dr's tell me to do and it will go away and then come back . I even use...

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Tantrums And Screaming

Has anyone had issues with a 1 year old throwing tantrums, throwing themselves backwards so hard you think they're gonna break their head open, and SCREAMING!!!? Always...

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Anyones Little boys a bit of a handful?

Lately my lil boy is just "full of it" no there way to say it. He is into everything. Particularly the dogs food, the dogs water, the toilet, the bathtub, knocking things over...

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I'm Alone

It's hard but I make sure my baby has everything she needs and wants regardless if it's gonna take that last penny out my purse. I will always do for my child even when nobody...



I have a 6,5, 2 and 8mo. I'm trying to make it work and Jesus is slowly teaching me how, but I have to throw everything I thought would work out the window in the process. I'm...



Has anyone given their infant jarodolphilus? When my baby was 3 months old I tried to give her a very small dose and she screamed and cried 45 minutes later. I felt horrible...