hi there, my name is tricia and im 28 years old and i have 2 angel babies. my first son Finley James was stillborn at 23wks weighing 1lb 5ozs, he was starved of oxygen during...


Acne treatment before and during pregnancy

Hi all, I am trying to get pregnant and always have acne breakout issues. I recently did some research on what acne treatment I can still use when I am preparing to be...

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Why is the NHS so crap?!?!

my midwife doesnt even wanna see me this week and baby is due on friday! whats with that? in america they check to see if u are effaced or dialated, here in the uk all they do...

Started by Sophie on 04/21/2009 in April 2009 Babies

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high risk labour?!?

I am due in two weeks with my 2nd child a baby girl and she is very small right now my doctor said so it has been classified as a high-risk labour..I get weekly profiles to...


Help!!! Separation Anxiety!!!

I recently started work (a month ago), and had to take my daughter to day care. She was VERY unhappy!! She screamed all morning, except for the 20 minutes they were out...


Hello! I'm new....

My baby is the only daughter in the family and she is the youngest that's why she is very special. Of course, she's now more than two years old as she was born on July 27th. At...

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it makes me sick to my stomach!

So i was at work last night and while waiting on a table i look up and notice that Nancy Grace is on well they started showing video footage of this babysitter pretty much...


Mother of age 20/30

Me and the father of my child broke up a month after our son was born. He wants to be civil but I find it hard because I want for us to be a family. I know I should focus on our...


dealing with asperger

This is all new to me just joined today. My daughter Mackenzie will be six in march and i have been trying to get her diagnosed for the last 2 years. Her doctor refered me to...


Computers & TV and kids

Sometimes I feel have such a fear of my kids being "addicted" to the computer that I go overboard trying to get them off. I sometimes cause conflict in the home, make the kids...

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going back to work

My 3 month maturinty is almost up and I don't know if I should go back to work. I truely don't want to because I feel that my daughter won't be able to calm down with my mother...



My ex and i dont get along with what we should do with our daughter and its becoming extremely difficult. we have off weeks i'll have her one week and he'll have her the next so...


Mommys Separation Anxiety

Alright, so I'm 17 and I had my little bundle of bouncing baby boy in January. He was 3 months early. I ended up dropping my second semester of my Junior year and luckily I've...


I'm scared beyond scared!!

I'm currently 17 years and about 5 weeks from my 18th birthday! I took a test this morning and that was my fourth one in two days. The last 3 said two lines and todays one....

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Not sure what to do...please help

My son J is 7 years old. He tested for his 1st Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo (TKD) this past weekend. The test was held in the auditorium of a local school across town....



im expecting my 1st child and im filling out the paper work for my doctor and they gave me a list of pediatricians and also one of the questions was if my pediatrician knows...


Husband's family

My DH has a daughter from a (I'm ashamed to say) one night stand with a woman that already had 3 kids from 2 different men. He found out she was pregnant after we had already...

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