Hi Everyone, My 4 year old son is very delayed, he is not speaking yet, has sensory issues and has many medical problems, none of his doctors have any idea what has caused all...


new to the army life

hello everyone! i am new to the army life, my husband just recently join last aug. he is now living in baumholder germany and i have yet to hear a word on when me and my...

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horrible depression... :(

today is one of those bad days. its days like today that i wish i had the strength to kill myself cuz i just dont want to be here anymore. i cant take this life. i hate it & im...


have you ever cried right after sex?

last night after my husband and i ...well.. did the deed lol.. i cied! i tried to hjold it in but couldnt.. he didnt even notice tho.. cuz he rolled over and went to sleep.. i...

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I think I'm depressed.

I can't really avoid admitting it to myself anymore. I don't want to go on meds for it again though, but I'm tuning out life a lot on purpose because I'm not coping very well...


Im a Navy Wife

Ok so im new to this and hoping that being on here will be supporting and helpful Because my husband is on the USS George H.W Bush (CVN77) that is deployed right now. im...



my 9 year old daughter had a fit out of the blue in feb 2008 she ended up in intensive care in Bristol childrens hospital.she is better than she was, but we believe she now has...


3 year old son lashing out

Hi all, My three year old son is very active and energetic. Lately he has taken to throwing, hitting, swinging anything and everything in sight. He also likes to stomp...


sleep at 9 wks?

baby b is almost 10 wks old and does NOT sleep unless right next to me in bed or on my chest. I have tried from day one to put baby b in the pack and play bassinet, crib,...

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hi my name is sara and i h ad my baby girl on 12-14-2008. weighing in at 4lbs. 10oz. 18 3/4 inches. she was 5 weeks early, due to my cervix being weak.

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Hello fellow moms.....i dont know if u experienced this ... right now as im wrtting this, im super cold though our heater is on,my entire body is so weak and in pain from head...


I am just so tired and cranky at 29 weeks.

How am I going to manage 2 more months? There is so much to do to get ready both at home (re-purposing and decorating 3 rooms) and at work to make a maternity leave plan. Am...

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Underlying Placenta? please help

I have an underlying placenta right now. I am about 22 weeks and i am very scared that my child will have complications durring the rest of my pregnancy! i just have a few...

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My son is 2 yrs old. We recently moved 3 weeks ago and during the move he transitioned out of the crib due to it not being here yet so he had his matress. he does really well...

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