Hey all. I wanted to have a normal birth, but my docter decided to do an c-section on the 6 April 09. This will be my first and is a boy. I would love to hear from other mommy's...

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is it ever going to get easyer...

My name is Candace, I had my son in June of 2009. I gave him up for adoption because i was only 16 and had no where to live and my family didnt want anything to do with me. Its...

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16 month nephew being a bully. How can I stop it?

My family came down to visit and my 16 month nephew was really mean to my son the whole time they were here. He would pull my sons hair and hit and pinch and scratch. He even...

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Does anyone have a spirited child?

I am pretty sure my 3.5yr old son is! I am still learning about it. Just wanted to see if others are going through the same things, horrible tantrums, destructiveness, screaming...

Started by Tara on 03/26/2012 in Toddler Moms

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Prayer for my husband

My husband has a disease called Sarcoidosis in his lungs. It cause is unknown and has no known treatment.In laymans terms It causes hardened areas to form and makes it harder...

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How to deal with unhelpful advice?

I have an 8 month old who doesn't sleep through the night. I've tried everyone's suggestions but they make me feel like a bad parent. When people tell me I have no clue what I'm...


Intimacy....there? or gone?

I don't know what it is..but I can't seem to ever be "in the mood". My daughter is almost a year now..and my husband has been home almost 7 months from his deployment in Iraq...


Stay or go..

Hi there. My fiance was just informed that he should be ready anytime after october to get deployed :( But not to exspected to be here in april. I am debating on weather or not...


My husbands friends are immature

My husband has a couple of co-worker buddies that are completely immature, I feel like his mother because I tell him I don't want him to hang out with these people. I don't want...


Is Lent biblico?

Seems like all churches have thier own rules.Even if thier the same "religion."I see some go to extremes with biblico living.As women have to have long hair,no jewelry,only long...

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Say No to Vaccines

Vaccines contain Mercury, Msg, Formaldehyde, Aluminum and are the cause of multiple diseases. This is the schedule of vaccinations from birth to age 6......


recently deployed

My husband (we have only been married for 3 months) has recently been deployed to Iraq. We have a 4 year old son and a baby girl on the way. Our son is taking the deployment...

Started by Melissa on 06/15/2009 in Military Moms

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