Do you or you partner have any fetishes ?

The top ten fetishes in reverse order. NUMBER 10 Stomachs Men and women both agreed that taut tummies make them somewhat crazy. But others said that they would never bed a...

Started by Emma on 05/14/2010 in Sex Talk

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The Baby Whisperer and Sleeping

Has anyone read The Baby Whisperer? I'm reading it - read the first 3 ch and skipped to ch 6 on sleeping. My issue is that my baby sleeps regularly during the day but in late...

Started by Sherree on 11/24/2008 in Babies And Infants

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Ok, here I go...First of all I know this is the "breastfeeding" group...Secondly I breastfed with my first child and am planning on breastfeeding my second as long as I can. I...

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Changing churches

After attending a church for close to 10 years, it was decided my family would leave the church and find a new one. My husband and I did find a new church we like and think will...

Started by Misty on 03/21/2012 in Christian Moms

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My Story (believe it or not, it IS true)

I've been looking for a place that i can tell my story with out being judged or bullied...some people may not believe me but my story is true....here it goes... I met my...

Started by Brittnii on 11/04/2011 in AUTISM MOMS

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Feel like I need a break!

My baby's 7 months old, and I feel like he's draining me of energy, and I sense that he's very attatched onto me making it hard for my husband to get involved. I know it's a...


Do you ever stop being angry

My husband and I have always have a rough relationship. He's always been verbally abusive, emotionally abusive, he would walk out on us to his moms every chance he got whether...


trying to explain things to my X

Ive been trying to figure out how to explain things to my x about girlfriend boyfriend things, as in his gf my bf (when i get one) i dont want our kids introduced to a gf/bf...

Started by Amy on 05/19/2010 in Single Moms

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new mom with hard decisions to make

my son was born at 29 weeks he has had a chronic lung disease since he was born has been on bypass for only 48hrs and had to go back to being intubated.. the doctors are talking...


I am a stay at home mom.............

Hi I stay at home and take care of my two sons Brandon that is almost 5 and Devon that just turned 2 on the 7th. I have been feeling kinda lonely lately. I am always in the...

Started by Amy on 01/12/2010 in Moms Under 30

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I don't want the stinky kid!

My stepdaughter recently turned 10, and it's already clear that puberty is going to hit her like a ton of bricks. Her long hair has gotten oily and dirty-looking (it's a...


Officially Diagnosed

Okay so my 3.5 yr old was officially diagnosed last week as Autistic.. Not really a shock to me though no matter what you can never really prepare yourself to hear it from a...


17 Year old daughter - Pregnant

Can someone help me explain to my 17 (just turned 17) - that having a child at her age is hard? The father already said he does not want it. It will be up to her 100% - anyone...