Post Natal Depression

Has anyone else been suffering this awful illness since last year? I have found I have been really bad this time round, but I have pulled myself out of my hole and started...


toilet training

my daughter is 3 in 5 weeks and still isnt potty trained she knows what the potty and toilet is she has been a few times when i ask if she needs to go she always says no and if...

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yesterday was my birthday...

it was my birthday and I decided to do a bit of running around and do a little bit of shopping because thats what i wanted to do. when i was leaving i woke up my husband and he...

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SPD evaluation

We are in the what if he has SPD phase. My 6 yr old son has been having issues since he was real little with anxiety and sensory issues. Be sought behavioral health...


How is school going?

I think for us in the US school is in full swing. I was wondering how everyone's school year is going so far? MY son is in the 8th grade and this is the second week of school....


i feel like a fat frump at the age of 20!

since having my daughter i have put on weight and cant shift it.... just seems like im getting bigger and bigger and i feel really down and depressed about my weight but the...

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My 3 year old is a picky eater!

My son is beyond "picky"...he will not eat messy foods, like: chili, spahgetti ( I have to cook noodles seperate from sauce just to get him to eat the noodles). He sometimes...


Long Hospital Stay. Short Cervix

Hey everyone!! I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my second child on bedrest with a short cervix. I was admitted to the hospital on January 29th and have been here ever...

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What to do about father of child?

I am about six months pregnant and the father left me to deal with this soon after I told him. He went back home to Canada and has not seen me since early June. He told me he...

Started by Alexis on 10/02/2010 in Single Moms

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My highly sensitive 8 year old boy

Hi, I am new to circle of mum. I need honest advice and suggestions regarding my son. I am not sure whether he is gifted or not but I am finding it difficult to understand his...


Shooting galleries : a safe place to inject ?

On Thursday, an all-day symposium - co-hosted by the city Department of Public Health - will examine the idea of creating safe injection centers where users could bring their...

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bad anxiety afraid some advice?

I had my amazing daughter on july 11th of this year. shes the best thing that every happened to me. ive had some postpardum and its not completely gone. medication after...