Stranger Danger

This started off as a response on another forum about strangers. It ended up exploding. So here is my rambling rant on why I have issues with "Stranger Danger" In my opinion...


Weird Mother in law "issue"

I know this may seem a little trivial but am very wigged out at my M-I-L. I have that all to popular problem where my mil is saying things like "just because your packing it,...

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In Laws & their opinions

So I have got to have the most condescending in laws ever! I am a young mother of 2 yound children and my 10yr old stepdaughter. I started dating my fiance at 18 and he is ten...

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I went to school throughout my pregnancy took the last week off and then came back a few days after I had my son to do finals. I did all that so I thought I'd be good going back...

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new here and i am scared to death

Hello everyone , i am new to this we got seperated a year ago , and i still love him so much but i know there is no chance for us now hes with my best friend (was) and i see...


Can their birthday be too extravagant?

I feel like i want my kids birthdays to be awesome, all my life my mum has been the quintessential cookies and milk mum, we had awesome birthdays and i want to hold up the...


Dayhome, client dilemma.

Hello Ladies, I run a small private dayhome, and am having some issues communicating with one of the child's parents. I am just wondering to those who run dayhomes; how do you...

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I'm a slave for you

Feels like one puts yourself on the back burner when you have Little ones ruling the roost. I have become a slave to my kids, and its my own fault! I do everything for them and...

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Need help with my almost 3 yr old!!!!!

We can not break my daughter from her pacifer. She is down to only nap and bedtime, which was hard enough. She doesn't care if you tell her things like, " we gave it to baby...


What do you think??

What do you think i should do about my husband and the way he acts. OK... Here is the story. My husband wants to complain about me not doing the dishes or not doing the laundry...

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Traveling with your little one(s)

Chit chat and swap ideas for long rides with you child(ren) From trips that are only 30-45mins long to the LONG HAUL trips to different states...etc. *Games *Snacks *Packing...


4 year old with ADHD...

I am a mother of 2 little girls. I am not with their father. They're ages are 4 1/2 and 2. My 4 year old has ADHD and nothing punishment wise works for her that I've tried. She...