Mom instinct and the " professionals"

As mothers today we continually second guess ourselves based on what "the professionals" tell us. Instinct is the best tool a mother has. That and a network of other moms who...

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To be mama in Grand Prarie

Hello my name is Christina and am recently moving to GP. Well in one week to be in fact. I have not to long ago learned that I am going to be a single mother unfortunately. But...

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So BM just took my SS to the dentist last week for his 6 month check up which she is very good about doing. But this time he had 7 cavities and I know the last time he went he...

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Lack of Awareness of Autism

As a mother of a 5year old autistic son I am extremely suprised to find that many people are very nieve to the effects and levels of autism in children and just assume that the...


How to stop back talk?

OK, My daughter is 2. She spent the night at a relatives house and came back saying, "No" and "Stop" back when I tell her anything! I'm not sure why suddenly she started to talk...


wanting another baby...

i'm a stay at home mom going to school online and i have a 2 year old boy...i really want a daughter but would be just as happy with another boy. i thought i was sure then...

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getting back to being myself

while i wanted kids i thought i would be a good deal older when i had my first child. now i'm 25 with a 3 month old and i feel like i should be more mature and responsible when...


Cow's milk for sensitive tummy?

I have a huge problem. My son loves his formula. I know that he would love cow's milk. I'm just not sure how it will affect his sensitive tummy. Ever since I took him off of...



I live in an area that has really been hit hard by budget cuts in the school system which has closed down many elementary schools causing the ones left to be over crowded. My...


the boyfriend to step dad

we have been living together for about 5 months now i feel my son is building up calling my boyfriend daddy. though he doesnt mind and i love it when he says it. i feel it might...



my son is 4 yrs old his dad hasnt came round for 2 yrs now , he got married then divorced and is datin a woman with 2 kids one is the same age as my son. he has asked a few...


just needing someone to talk to?

Im Loni, im 21 and i have a daughter who just turned 3. I have raised her alone since she was born. i work and go to school. she started asking me about her Dad, wich has 5...

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how do I break the habit?

I feel like i spoil my 7 month old by holding her to much. Its alot harder to keep her entertained now and it seems i can only keep her quiet by holding her. My dad keeps...

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