i am nearly 46 have 5 children ranging from 25 down to 7

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flying with 18mth old twins

I am going on holiday next week and as the time approaches I am gettin more and more nervous. My twin girls are 18mths old and quite naughty (1 more than the other). I am...

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my baby is sick.. feel helpless.

my 3.5 month old has bad vomiting and diherria for 5 days now. he was spitting up every other feed.. now its every feed. we tried pedialyte and he started throwing that up too....


my 12yr. old daughter

my daughter goes to school with a bad attitude. she rolls her eyes at the teachers and she argues with kids. she thinks that this is cool. what should i do. i ground her but she...

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Convertable Car Seat? Which one?!

I am getting a new car seat for my 8month old and there are just too many to pick from! I want one that is safe obviously and one that is not too bulky. Cost really isnt an...

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Tantrums at bedtime???

my daughter will be two in may and i am still having problems getting her to go to bed! any tricks to get her to fall asleep??

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sibling rivalry

so my youngest had tonsil surgery and his sinuses cleaned out today. Does not feel well and not eating. So I am very concentrated on him to make sure everything is ok. My...


MIL problem

My mother-in-law lives in the same town as I do and from time to time she babysits my kids (7-year-old girl and 3-year-old boy). She has made comments in the past that her...


Lying.......SO frustrating

My Boys are 9 and 7(will be 8 in a couple weeks). Here lately they both have been lying to me. It becoming very frustrating because I ask them who did something and they both...