How do I talk to in-laws about smoking around my child?

I just went back to work and my MIL is babysitting my daughter 4 days a week. (Until I find a daycare that I am comfortable with and can afford. So far the ones I have visited...

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I have three kids that are 9,7,and 6. i have been in a relationship with their father for ten yrs and i feel like ive been a single mother the entire time. now im having...



This is the hardest job I ever had and yet i till feel that i need to do more. Am i alone?

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Hi ladies,

I have only been a single mom since May, I have found many challanges and on the other hand I found that I have accomplished more on my own. My baby is having a hard time and...

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cow milk allergy

My daughter has a cow milk allergy. She needs special care regarding her food. Are there other moms having a kid / kids with this little problem and how do you handle the...

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Rock on, Young Moms!

Well, I'm sure I'm not alone when I say there isn't and never was a husband for myself and a strong male role model for my son, but I would like to contribute and share info...

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"Need help with an EXTREMELY picky eater"

My son has refused to eat almost everything since his dad left, he's gotten a little better in that last year + but I still worry, I know he needs better nutrition.

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What is best for a 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 year old, put them in pre-school or have them stay home with mom, dad, or grandma? According to my pediatrician it is good for them to be at...


Sean Goldman....

I've been following this story for years. http://www.sphere.com/world/article/sean-goldman-reunited-with-father-david-goldman-in-brazil/19293326 Its hard to say "yay!"...


Very sensitive 6 year old

My oldest daughter seems to be very sensitive. i was a sensitve child as well, to this day my family is hesitant to tell me bad news for fear of my reaction, but i don't...


have you ever?

have you ever moved away from your family and friends to be with your partner ( who is the father of your child) because of his work commitments? how do you start all over...


No interest.

My 12 year old son is only interested in TV & play station. No other activities. How can I keep him occupied with more interesting things his age. He is not to keen on sports.

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Picky Eater

My son is almost 16 months old and he is a very picky eater, he eats grilled cheese, french toast and Raviolis. He still eats his baby food fruits and cereal...but that is...

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