my introduction

my name is morgan and my son kole was born on september 6th 2008. he was my first biological child but has an older brother that is my step son. his name is tyler and hes 6...



I really would like to start vermicomposting and I am just not sure about it. I need to read some success stories and hopefully I can start myself. So anybody doing it and can...


Injury Before Leaving

Does anyone know what happens when a soldier gets injured before he leaves for his pre-deployment training? My stepson broke a bone and was due to leave in a little over a week,...



My husband just left yesterday from his two weeks of R&R and I feel worse than he did when he left back in April. Anyone else feel the same way?? And if so how did you get to...


Have to share - CPR

Hi, I wanted to share with you something that happen to me. when my son was just one year old we went to have dinner with friends. long story short, their son choked on a...



hi moms this is my first time on circle of moms. my daughter violet was born may 22nd 2008. she is awesome. i love her so much i couldnt imagine my world before her<3 my...

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Going back to Work

I recently went back to work. I have been a SAHM for 6 years. Now I kept busy with my kids and house and family stuff. However going back to work has been rough on me. I am...


Abnormal looking toe nails

My son is 14 mths old now and has had nails that look a bit funny since he was born. The peads had adv it could be a fungal infection but has not prescribed any meds. His nails...

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Do I have the Right?

I am having a problem. I got divorced from my first husband back in 2006. I have custody of my boys, but after about 3 years of them living with me I made a bad choice of...

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out of control 7 year old

my 7 year old daughter does not listen to any one she does not like rule I'm so tired of being in a screaming match with her all it's doing is teaching my 3 and 4 year old that...


The temptation of formula at daycare

I Bf'd my son without a problem until about 10 months (he is now 10yrs) but I didn't work at all during that time. I am starting my baby girl in daycare next week when she...


Almost empty nester

I am almost an empty nester, I would like to know how to adjust to not having my children around. I am finding it to be real hard.

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Anyone ready to try for a 2nd one?

I am finding myself wanting another baby, but then there are times where I become very concerned that if I already have stressful days with just one, what would it be like with...

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Wishing i could get a job

i gave up my military career to be a stay at home mom and its becoming really difficult my husband is also in the military but i cant get another job because there would be...