Baby addicted to binkie

My daugher is  3 and 1/2 months old and sleeps with a binkie during all her naps during the day. I rock her to sleep at night though, and gently remove the binkie before...


not sure pleae help!

I have a10yr old son with Aspergers it took a long time to get a diagnosis but i was 100% certain he had it. But i also have a 7yr old son who although is very socially...



My little man tends to fall asleep whilst I'm trying to burp him. Is it okay to put him down in the bassinet without a burp or should I continue patting his back until someting...


Lactose intolerance and constipation

my daughter is a complete lactose and soy free baby due to allergic reactions, even to my breastmilk:( since birth and still even now, she suffers from extreme constipation,...

Started by Jacinta on 02/08/2010 in April 2009 Babies

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To use or not to use

I am in the process of potty training, well I have been for a while now, and I am not sure what would be easier. Should I put her in pull ups or are they to much like dipers?...

Started by Jessica on 02/20/2010 in June 2007 Babies

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Moving from crib to bed yet?

My son LOVES his crib. He never tries to climb out and sleeps well. However, I am curious when a good time to switch him to a bed would be since we aren't having any "escaping"...


Burned Out

I drop my son off @ school and i'm off to work and dont get to see him again until 6 @ night. We do homework, have dinner and get ready for bed. Its already 10 and i'm totally...

Started by Deeney on 05/11/2010 in Single Moms

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Raising the kids

What do you do when you and your hubby have VERY different views about how to raise children? I grew up in a much stricter environment than my husband. I believe in being so...


Any stay at home moms that work from home??

I am a stay at home mom of a 9 month old little girl. It has been a financial struggle thus far and I am looking to do something from home other than sales consulting or selling...

Started by Deana M. on 06/18/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Any high risk Mommies?

Hey guys, I'm 30 almost 31 weeks with baby number two, my little "Alayna Kailey" to join her big sister Alexis Hope, and I'm high risk... for what? God only knows anymore, I had...

Started by Rosa-Maria on 08/16/2010 in October 2010 Babies

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School peadophile alerts

I have recently been warned that 2 adult men tried to abduct school boys about 20 miles from my house tried to drag them into a van. Asked my kids school if they were going to...

Started by Tracey on 09/13/2010 in Debating Mums!

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Nap time without the rocking

I'm getting ready to go back to work. I want my daughter to be able to go for a nap on her own because I know the daycare won't be rocking her to sleep with other kids to look...


Weight loss help

Ok i have a 3 children aged 5,3 and 1. I have started eating healthier drinking more water and exercising more. I still dont seem to be losing weight. Thoughts?


favorite quick AND healthy meals

What are your favorite quick, but healthy meals? I'm always short on time at dinner time. I have two kids underfoot as I cook. They are hungry and whiny. I'm looking for ideas...


I just need to know if this is the right decision..

Hi there. I don't know where to turn. I am a young Mommy (19 in a month) of two little girls (1yr and 2yrs) and just found out a week ago that I am 8 weeks pregnant. My two...

Started by Ac on 01/12/2012 in Teen Moms

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