i think my son may very well be evil!!!

hey everyone. my name is trish. i have two little boys. my oldest son Damian, is almost 3 and he is very intelligent for his age. he knows sign language, spanish, all his...



The conversation on buying the 1st car got me thinking about how we teach our kids about finances. Do you give your children allowance? How old were they (or will they be) when...


3 year old peeing in her bed

Please help! I am at my wits end with my 3 year old daughter who has been going to her bedroom and peeing in her bed some time during the day. She is able to use the toilet and...

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Stationed in Hawaii!

Hi! We're Army and just got orders yesterday for Hawaii. We move in about 5 weeks and I was wanting suggestions on daycare ( I have a 15 mo. daughter) and neighborhoods ( on...


Son's heads to big MRI..

My son is 4 months old and at our last check-up the Dr said he would like to have an MRI done of our son's head. He's head is 18 '' and is very large for his age. My son is...


Atheist Vent

I am part of another blog, and the atheist people feel it is ok to make fun of, and put down everyone with faith.Saying that we are crazy, and the bible is made up... Blah...


ways to feel better leaving your baby for your job?

working is the most depressing thing i have ever done ever since my 13 month old was born. even more-so lately because she is so interactive now. i hate leaving her to be raised...

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42 things to ♥ about parenting

From Strollerderby 1. Watching them sleep. There’s nothing more precious than the site of a sleeping baby, and that stays true no matter how old your “baby” gets....


Is it okay to spank a toddler??

I am a new mom. I am 35. I have two step daughters and my husband and I together have an 18 month old boy. The youngest of the girls is here visiting, she is 5. She is such a...


Looking for work in Canada

I am a mom of 4 and I lost my corporate job to down sizing. I would love to stay home and be with the children but also be able to help out financially. If you have something...

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Pediatricians condoning "bad" habits

What does everyone think of the pediatricians who will support the "whatever works for you" theories???? For example hte pediatrician who says co-sleeping is ok if it works for...