So I have OCD and now that I'm getting down to the last couple weeks, my anxiety level has really gone up. I have already been depressed and trying to control my OCD with a...



I want to move a couple states away with my 3 and 5 yr old who I have supported 100% financially and emotionally for the past 2 years. Dad has spent about 3 hours with them in...

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Should I worry about her development?

My daughter was 3 months old yesterday. She has only ever rolled from her back to her side 4 times, her fists are still pretty much clenched all the time, and she doesn't really...

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I need help and advice! Teen pregnancy

I recently turned 19 and I may be pregnant. Me and my boyfriend have been together over a year and less than a year ago we had gotten pregnant and I got an abortion. Neither of...


my 6yr old hates me

I feel awful jst saying this but right now i can sympathise with mothers who leave their kids with dad....my 6yr old daughter hates me. She says vile things 2 me about how happy...

Started by Nicole on 10/14/2012 in School-Age Kids

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How do you get your laundry done?

I just can't seem to to get it done from gathering it up to putting it away. I have a todder, a teenage boy, my boyfriend, and myself. Actually my boyfriend says he doesn't want...


Loss of bonding time with baby in NICU

My baby is a week old today and as I sit at home it's almost as if he hasn't been born (aside from the constant pumping). I know he needs to be in the NICU, but he was whisked...

Started by Tanya on 12/23/2012 in Moms Of Preemies

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Changing my daughter's last name.

Okay so, I want to change my daughter's last name to mine instead of her father's. He's on her birth certificate though, and I've seen stuff where I have to get some sort of...


Debating Abortion

I am 26 years old and just found out I am pregnant. I have a boyfriend of 6 months who is the same age. We both work full time, but don't make much money. I still live at home...


Dating advice PLEASE!!!

Hi! I have been a single parent for a long time. I've gone out on dates, and was in a relationship but nothing really serious. I know what I want in a guy since I was with my...


"People" food for the first time

Hello my son will be 1 on Sunday. We have been giving him some people food but he will not eat it! I just want to know what some of you have tried with your kids at this age....


Help... Can't trust the inlaws

My Boyfriends parents are not the most trustworthy people and also are not the smartest when keeping children from doing dangerous things. I know I am a nervous mother when it...

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My daughter, now 11 MTHS, has been sleeping part time in her own crib since she was 7 MTHS old. She goes down easy for naps, and will give a fuss at bed time on and off. Since...

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