Australian vs. American Gun Laws

I know gun laws are discussed here often, everyone might be tired of them, but I think they are improtant discussions. Recently, a young Australian Baseball player on...

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Scorpio Babies!

I was told when I was pregnant with Catie, that Scorpio children are some of the hardest to raise. My little pixie is VERY strong-willed and stubborn. I wonder if other Moms of...


What do I do?

My daughters dad left me when I was six months pregnant. The first time he saw her she was two months old and then he only saw her once or twice a month. It has been almost two...


Expect the Unexpected

Sorry ladies for not being on yesterday to offer anything to the conversations, however, the subject of this as I explain it will provide my excuse. Yesterday was like a day in...


Scared to have another baby :-( ???

So my was born at 31 wks .. and it was so hard to deal with seeing my little boy like that all hooked up to everything and having my baby go through everything that he went...

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The benefits of Marijuana

Therapeutic use of marijuana has a history spanning over 4,500 years. The most humane and just approach to helping the sick requires that we continue the availability of medical...

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Need advice for a friend!

My friend does not have internet but she wanted me to ask you all for advice. She has a 2 1/2 year old and is trying to potty train! She loves to sit on the potty but she cant...


My baby peed in the potty!

For a week now, my daughter (born 5/6/09) has been taking her diaper off, constantly. She always preferred to be nude, but it has gotten a little out of hand. When she does...

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As this is a new group and I am the administrator for it I thought I would take a moment to welcome anyone who might be interested in joining. A little about me...I am a WAHM...