Clingy little girl!!!

Hello my name is emily i have a 2 year old son and a little girl nearly 10 months. My little girl is incredibly clingy and screams if im out of her sight. She is still in our...

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Bedtime Routine

Delete Are you sure? Yes | No Asked by You (12:10 pm) (no moms have helped yet) I have a six year old who I struggle to put to bed every night. She is my first and I never...

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pediatrician demeans brestfeeding

Yesterday my son was very sick and took him to the doctor, his normal pediatrician was out of town so I took him him to the one that was on call for her. My son was very upset...

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Hi, My name is Kelly and I have a baby boy named Robbie. He can walk but he can't talk, I know he has progressed pretty quickly in the mobile area, but he is directing mommy...


Decreasing Milk Supply at 2 1/2 Months

I recently noticed an increased fussiness in my daughter, so I pumped to see how much milk she was getting. A few weeks ago I was making between 3-4 ounces, and yesterday I got...


my 14 month old will NOT listen...

my daughter , who is almost 15 months old... will not listen to me or her father. she stands up in chairs, on the couch, etc and when told no, she hits at us or actually hits...


Disciplining a 1 year old

My daughter is not yet 1 but will be in 2 weeks... but these last 2 weeks have been horrible she gets into everything she throws fits if she doesn't get what she wants cries...

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almost a preteen need help

i am very anxious of my daughter going to a new school, where she has to travel, i want her to understand that it is a dangerous world out there and she needs to listen when i...


Another baby.

I am wanting another baby, I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. The hubby wants to wait until she is 5, and I do not. So confused!

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Pumpkin recipes????

Does anyone have any pumpkin recipes for fresh pumpkin? I have some frozen and another pumpkin ready to pick and freeze in a day or two. Help!!!


My son going off to college how do you cope

I lost my husband in the line of duty back in December of 1998 my son is all I have left and he is going off to college. I know that it will be a big adjustment for both of us....


How do you discipline a 2 yr. old??

My 2 yr. old is out of control. I don't like taking her anywhere, but she understand me when I tell her to stop, But she decides to do it over and over again as a game. I don't...