I am 42 years old and mother to a 4 1/2 year old boy who is very defiant lately towards myself and my husband. Other than that, he is a good kid. I don't know how you guys do...

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How do i get my 15mth. Old to stop hitting?

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Baby Has Fever Only at Night

My 11 month old has had a low grade fever (100.5-101.7 F) the past two nights. During the day, no fever. He also hasn't eaten much solid food, but has been nursing way more than...

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Ft Lee, VA

Ok in the vast nothingness that is Petersburg,VA there is an Army post... I'm here. It sucks. We've been here two months and I don't know anyone. Hubby classed up this past week...


night time waking

I have an almost 11 month old and he had been sleeping pretty well through the night from 7 months on and not needing to eat at all for about 11 hours straight (from...


Having a preemie baby

I'm laying in the hospital now and I'm 31 weeks pregnant. They gave me a steroid shot yesterday and I get another one today. I'm just worried because I never had a child this...

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Beginning of Puberty???

My son is 11 and my daughter is 10. They are 10 months apart. Here lately, they have both been talking back more, not doing what they are supposed too. My daughter isn't as bad...

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six year old with hands on

I feel like a failure as a mother. my son is six and ever since he started school he has struggled with hands on. he is now in grade 2 and it hasn't changed. his father and I...


Breast feeding in public

I'm a little hesitant to breast feed in public, but would really like to continue breast feeding exclusively. I've got a 2wk old. Other than a privacy shawl, which is a pain to...


Hello all

Hi everyone!! My name is Shelly.... I am 21 years old and expecting my first child on dec. 21st!!! I am so excited to become a mom!! I have a great support system!! I dont know...

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Car Trips Without Tripping It!

How do you keep your kids engaged and "somewhat" quiet in the car either on longer trips or even short jaunts about town?

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Planned Obsolesence

Is planned obsolesence ethical? Is it an acceptable way, by you, to do business? http://www.uow.edu.au/~sharonb/columns/engcol8.html In the 1930s an enterprising engineer...

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Loosing supply in one breast....help! :(

I've noticed that my left breast never seems to have a let down and has a huge differnce in supply compared to my right side. When I pump I get no more than 2oz out of my left...

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Husband issues

I'm having a really hard time with my husband and I have no idea what to do. Usually I'm pretty good with problem solving but I feel like we are so stuck right now. And I'm...



ok here goes... after me and hubby first got together we were living with his mom... (they live in an old remodeled two story school house from the 1800's) his older brother...