Understanding Partial Seizures

Depending on where a seizure starts in the brain, the partial seizures can affect many of the auditory and motor senses. And people who experience one or more of the symptoms...


Hi everyone?

Anyone out there published? Do you come up with a great idea in your head and then think, "No one would read that anyway" and then give up. That's me LOL. It is very hard to...

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Breastfeeding into toddlerhood?

I want to continue BF past two. I had some trouble at the beginning, but since we have had no problems. My daughter loves the breast and as I watch her nurse I know she has a...

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Opinions needed concerning Christmas Parenting Time....

Background Info: I have 3 SKs, whom my husband has full custody of. I have been raising them for 5 years now. 1st yr: BM did not take them for Christmas; 2nd yr: took kids...

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Hospital? vs. In Office?

My 7 y/o lives with his father in another state. *That's a whole other extremely long story. Anyways, my son now has to have extensive dental work done. AGAIN! My ex has...



My daughter is giving me such a hard time about going to school now. She was doing fine, but the last 2 weeks hasn't wanted to go. She was even 2 hours late today because of...

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Hello!!! Okay, I have a 14 month old son... He is a real challenge when it comes to being crabby, crying, touching everything and following me every where. I am really...


Vow renewal ideas

Ok ask I am 23 years old and will have been married for five years this June. When I got married at 18 I was not saved and Christ was not priority 1 in my life...Also I was not...

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i just wanted to ask if anyone knows ways to get a breath thoughout the day, i have four kids ages 11,6,2 and 8 months. My tubes were tied after my 2yrs old but that didn't stop...


Time in between

Hello ladies I was just wondering how long you had waited until considering having another baby. Or if you have more than one munchkin, how many months/ years are in-between...


71% of US managers value EI over IQ.

http://www.hrreporter.com/ArticleView?articleid=11042&headline=71-per-cent-of-employers-value-emotional-intelligence-over-iq More than one-third (34) per cent of hiring...

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15 year old help

My 15 year old sd came to live with us over 2 years ago due to her mother not being able to handle her. This is not the first time she has come. When she was 10 her mother sent...

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Teething or Night Terrors?

Practically since Joshua was born he has rarely slept through out the night… he usually wakes up in between 12am & 2:30am and comes into bed with me. This last week has been...

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I'd like to welcome everyone to this forum. I am happy to see that there are many that believe that our bodies are meant to be treated as God's temple. We are to dress...