almost a preteen need help

i am very anxious of my daughter going to a new school, where she has to travel, i want her to understand that it is a dangerous world out there and she needs to listen when i...


Another baby.

I am wanting another baby, I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. The hubby wants to wait until she is 5, and I do not. So confused!

Started by Dawn on 08/01/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Pumpkin recipes????

Does anyone have any pumpkin recipes for fresh pumpkin? I have some frozen and another pumpkin ready to pick and freeze in a day or two. Help!!!


My son going off to college how do you cope

I lost my husband in the line of duty back in December of 1998 my son is all I have left and he is going off to college. I know that it will be a big adjustment for both of us....


How do you discipline a 2 yr. old??

My 2 yr. old is out of control. I don't like taking her anywhere, but she understand me when I tell her to stop, But she decides to do it over and over again as a game. I don't...


workin part time

i work about 35 hours a week while the daddy takes care of my son. it seems as though when my son has a bad day he wants dad more than me. he seems to calm down more when he's...

Started by Jennifer on 10/22/2009 in Working Moms

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My son is 10 years old and wants to eat all the time. How do I get him to stop without hurting his feelings?

Started by Nancy on 10/27/2009 in Back-to-School

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Poo Poo in the pants

My son is 2yrs old and he is semi potty trained. when he is in school he goes to the bathroom both number one and two. But when he gets home he wont tell me he has to go number...

Started by Tracia on 11/27/2009 in Toddlers

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Family meal times?

Hiya, So far i've been cooking daughters meals in batches, and defrosting one each day for her. However, i'd like to start cooking for her each day, but could do with some...

Started by Kay on 11/27/2009 in Toddler Moms

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Hello there. I am 49 and my husband is 53. We were blessed with 2 biological children who are now 29 and 26 years of age. Our third child is adopted and is 14 years old. We...


Finally, a diagnosis!!!

I've waited 3 long years to get a diagnosis, and finally, this week, I got my son's diagnosis of autism. I got fed up with getting "I don't knows" from 'specialist,' so I took...


So lost

Hey ladies, I wanted to know how you do it all....I have a 2.7 year old who has special needs and an 8mth old who is waaaaay past where she should be in everything that she...

Started by Shaina on 01/01/2010 in Single Moms

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need help with 12 yr old daughter

I am not sure what is going on with my daughter she all of the sudden has anxiety problems or something because she does not want to stay at home by her self when she gets home...

Started by Paula on 01/14/2010 in Kids Over 10

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please help me!

my three year old is ..welll... a pain in the neck with mommy lol ... he listens to his dad but flat out refuses to listen to me! sometimes I want to pull my hair out! I have...

Started by Judy on 01/17/2010 in Toddlers

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