Sassy, stealing daughter.

My daughter breaks a rule. I get upset with her and then she turns it around and gets angry with me and storms off. This cycle has been going on for some time and I've got to...

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How do i get my daughter to listen it drives me nuts. I time her out in her room on her bed with no toys but she will still push limits talking or talking back. Taking things...


very popular kid in school

My 14 yr old is very popular in school.But doesnt hang out with friends outside school. He very rarly hangs with his friends on weekends or after school. But have herd from all...

Started by Angie on 05/04/2010 in Kids Over 10

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Difficult Time With Everything

Hey, I am a 25 year old mom, about to turn 26. I have been married for about a little over 3 months. We have just recently bought a house, and have 5 adults and 2 children...

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special needs

i have a 10yr old boy who has adhd,epilepsy,and a speech delay. im looking for anyone that can give me some advice on anything, He sometimes seems to have alot of anger built...


Neurotically Needy Daughter

My daughter is 12 1/2 and needs constant praise and recognition. I am aware of this and so I make sure I tell her she's done well all the time. However, nobody else in the...


Good Husband and Father

Yesterday as the sun shone brightly overhead, I heard the sound of my five year olds laughter ringing loudly in the back yard. When I got up from the computer to see what she...


attention good or bad w/my 2yr old!

i need help w/ my 2 yr old.... he is putting things around his neck and he thinks its funny, we think most of it is attention cause he has a 1yr old sister who needs attention...

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Part-Time Only Child???

I have 6 brothers and sisters. My childhood was amazing. I always had someone to play with (fight with) and I was never alone. We are all pretty close in age so we were even in...

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I am lost...=/

I dont even know where to begin!!! Brian is our first kid and is 3 years old. he has been through so much in his life and is our lil trooper.. he was 37wks gestation and born...