Any Recruiter wives?

We have only been on recruiting duty for 4 months now and we are so ready to join the fleet again. I never would of thought my husband would be gone as long as he is. He works...



Ok so i made the mistake of letting my daughter sleep with us since the day we got home, but now she is gettin to big and its time for her to sleep in her own bed. what is the...

Started by Kenyanah on 02/27/2010 in Working Moms

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My son, the hitter!

It's been a long time since I have been on COM's, but I really need some advice. My adorable son is 19 months old and he is a bully! He has been hitting for the past couple of...

Started by Leah on 06/17/2011 in Moms Under 30

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Not sleeping through the night yet...

Anyone have any ideas for helping my 8 1/2 mo old sleep through the night. She gets up crying a few times a night. I nurse her, because it quiets her and puts her back to...

Started by Stephanie on 05/13/2009 in August 2008 Babies

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Separation Anxiety at 19 months?

My 19 month old son still sleeps with us. We werent big believers of the CIO method in his first year, but in the past 7 months, we've moved twice and given him a sister. With...


Gifted identification

I always thought my son was smart. But then again who doesn't when you're their mom. It wasn't until he was in first grade and he was recommended for gifted testing. It was...


Question about husbands....

Has anyones husband lost interest in you since ya'll had children? My husband Daniel doesnt talk to me much anymore, he dont think im that attractive, he doesnt trust me, he...

Started by Bonny on 05/26/2010 in Christian Moms

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What to do about reasonable telephone contact

so I am able to get my kids to go to their dads once a month by promising to call everyday once and thats it..my oldest locks the car door so only i can get her out, and is...

Started by Jennifer on 11/28/2010 in Divorced Moms

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7 year old with ADHD/Anxiety

Hi, I have a 6 year old with ADHD. He was diagnosed with this when he was 4. When he was two he was abused at a daycare and after dealing with all of that, I decided that there...


Pets and babies

Hi, my name is Angelina and I'm due May 12th. Because of finacial issues I have to move back into my parents house before the baby arrives. They own 3 dogs, two of them are...