New pregnancy

I recently found out I'm expecting another child. I'm terrified and scared. I don't know what to do. I'm scared to tell my parents so close to the holidays. My little boy is...


How to get over kindergarten tears

My daughter's first day at Kindergarten was an emotional roller coaster! My mom had to take her because I just recently broke my foot. She cried at least a half dozen times...

Started by Halli on 09/08/2009 in School-Age Kids

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Does my child perfer her grandparents to me?

Ok, i have a 9 month old daughter who is in general a pretty easy going baby. Latley she has been teething so she hasnt been going to sleep as easily as she used to and has been...

Started by Desire on 11/28/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 11/29/2010 by Jennifer


emotional intensity

I was wondering if anyone else out there has an emotionally intense gifted kid and if so what do you do when their emotions get the best of them? My son is six. He started...



My husband is not saved and I have raised my children in church. Now the 16 year old refuses to go because she has been hurt and then her youth pastor left. My 13 year old...

Started by Ellen on 07/07/2009 in Christian Moms

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Gifted ADHD

After 2 years of questions we finally tested my 8yr old girl. Sure enough she has ADHD but also a very high IQ, which explains how she could get by without paying attention in...


Need some help with feeding 1 year old

My daughter is 1 and i need some help on what to feed her for supper. My husband and i usually eat Hamburger Helper and stuff like that ( i am a horrible cook and we both work...


new crazy tantrums

My September baby started temper tantrums a few months ago...I don't engage her and just let her throw her tamtrum unless she is going to hurt herself-then I move her to the...


Thoughts on co sleeping

Recently my little one had 4 upper teeth all come through at once, and was obviously having some really rough nights, out of desperation I brought her into bed with me to sleep...


Cries All the Time

My daughter is 4.5 months now and when she's happy she's a delight, but when she gets tired she screams and screams and screams. She screams whether we hold her, rock her,...

Started by Christa on 07/01/2010 in Christian Moms

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23 mo old isn't talking

My 23 month old son is only using about 4 words, mommy, daddy, go, and bye-bye. We read a lot, and of course have done everything to get him to talk. He jabbers a lot and...


New in my world

Today was the big meeting at school to determine if Katelynn qualified for and IEP or a 504 to better help her with school. I think all the kinks have been worked out and...