cochlear implant

I have a son who is deaf and only 5. we have been told by his doctor he is a excellent candidate for the cochlear implant. Has anyone had to deal with this? I don't know...


Not sleeping in her crib..

So, my daughter [who just turned 1 year old at the end of December] is usually always a bit fussy about sleeping in her crib, but usually will sleep in it without much problem...

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people who need to know boundaries

Do you have someone like this in your life? The biggest culprit of this in mine is my own mother. She treats my children as if they were her own. You may think I am over...



My daughter is extremely high functioning, but use to have horrible meltdowns in the grocery store- starting after my husband deployed to Iraq (over a year ago). The meltdowns...


what to use for excema?

My daughter is 2yrs old n suffers from bad excema. ive took her to the doctors but everything they have said doesnt work for her... does anyone have any ideas on what i could...

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Do you ever get angry at these people?

My baby was a preemie because I had an aging placenta which is usually caused by smoking, drug use or being an older mother. I am 21 and have never done drugs or smoked. My 3...

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Am I being over-sensitive?

My son's father remarried a few years ago and I find my ex's wife to be sticking herself in where she doesn't belong. Especially when it comes to my son's school. I work very...

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