I don't want my daughter vaccinated. She has her 2 month appointment today and I don't know what to do :( She has only had the vitamin K shot (at the hospital) and I refused to...

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older children at birth

Need some advice plz, I have an 11and half month old son and am 21 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and im really unsure wat to do with him during my labour. I dont live close...


what age is best to tell him???

i have a 5 n half year old,but the person he calls dad isnt the biological father,he has been there since i was 3mths pregnant and we now have 2 children together...the...


My 2 1/2 year old son can't talk!

My son is going to turn 2 1/2 on April 17th (2010) and can not speak full words. He can make pretty much all of the vowel sounds (long and short a, e and o for example) and will...

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Daughter has an on line boy friend

My daughter made friends with a boy on line. she is thirteen and so is he. It is an online game called wizard 101 and they have been playing together for a while and I have...


Ever think of having another baby?

I am a mother of an only child; he has a step sister, but we only see her like every other weekend, so he's not around her very much. My hubby is 10 years older than me, and he...


age difference between babies question

My son is 17 months old now and I would like to get pregnant soon with the second baby. I'm just worried that 26-27 month difference might be too little. I know people have...

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Adhd and school

I am a mother of a severely adhd 10 year old boy. My dilemma is whether or not to homeschool or let him remain in public school. I refuse to medicate him because of the side...


How do you potty train quickly?

I have never understood why mom's bother to watch their children like hawks for months at a time until they are potty trained. I am of the opinion that a kid should be ready...


Easing jealousy of a new baby

I'm 36 weeks pregnant with #4 (the others are 13, 12, and 3...) and I'd like some suggestions on what type of gift to give my 3-year-old when the new baby arrives...or if a gift...

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Going to loose my mind:(:(

My son is out of control. He is 5 ( going on 6 in Oct) he yells in our faces, Has huge temper tantrums, has hit us, tells us no all the time. If u take him away from what he is...


Bully in School!

How do I protect my son from the bullies of school? I teach him not to fight. What happens when someone just kicks him out of his seat like last week? Is he just suppose to let...

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