increasing breast milk supply.

my friend just had a baby and she says he always seems so hungry and she's afraid that she's not producing enough breast milk for him. she has no access to the internet so I...

Started by Michele on 06/08/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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What would you do?

Ok, so my July is super busy! I only work weekends so babes don't go to daycare. I had to request the 17th & 18th off for out of town trip, the 23&24th is my HS reunion, since I...


Why won't she poop train???

I'm at my wits end! My 4 year old was a very reluctant potty trainer. At the suggestion of everyone (except the family), we let it go because she supposidly was not ready. Well...


loss of mother and children in the same week

i am a 39 y/o mother of two wife of 21 years .i am also a paramedic/firefighter. Septermber 2 my mother came to visit me because my son was on his way to boot camp. She wanted...

Started by Mary on 03/01/2013 in Empty Nest Moms

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almost 5 month old has sleeping issues

My son is almost 5 months now, & for the past week he has been waking at about 4:45am (he is sleeping every night by 9pm). Now, in theory, this may SOUND like a good night's...


I NEED help

So this may be long as there is 7 years of history! I would seriously appreciate any help and guidance I can get! So my boyfriend and I were together since we were 15 and I got...



My daughter is 15 months old and STILL does not sleep through the night. In fact, she is typically up every 3-4 hours. She eats a ton during the day and nurses at least 4...


Keeping Play Groups/Friends?

Hello, I have a 7 year old daughter with a rare chromosome disorder (6qdel23.3-24.2). This presents itself as PDD-NOS, SPD, ADHD-Combined, separation anxiety disorder, very...


Support Teenage mums

Who are teen mothers? We know who we are. We are individuals, each with our own story and our own dreams! We are women who had our babies in our teens. We know who we are...but...


How to prepare for deployment

Hello. I am active duty military, and a mom to 2 wonderful little boys ages 3 and 21 months. I am getting ready to go to sea duty in a couple of months and was wondering what...


Need help getting my son to sleep.

My son has never slept through the night every night. Once in a while he will but most of the nights he wakes up. He will wake up about 2 hours after I put him in bed. Sometimes...

Started by Rebecca on 08/29/2009 in May 2008 Babies

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baby sign language

hi everyone! i was wondering if anyone has started to teach their baby sign language (or has older children who used it successfully), and if you have any tips? i have read a...