epidural pain equal to spinal tap pain?

i was very sick a few winters ago, and had to have a spinal tap done. i dont mind needles so i didnt think it would be a big deal, only they had the er doc do it instead of the...


Sick of my family's crap. What can i do.

Hi, Im 17 pregnant with my first son. My mum was with me when i found out that i was pregnant. 3 days later she kicked me and my bf out at midnight. They was also saying that me...


Grateful for abortion rights

I've been surprised by some of the intensely pro-choice sentiments on COM, and wonder what the demographics are that they're coming from. I'm guessing, given the writing and...


Is this a form of cheating

My husband went back to school and him an this girl have had a few classes together. Now this time they actually planned on having this same class together which I kinda was...

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my son got drunk

please can someone help me, ie the law on this, my 16 year old son went to a party on saturday, the mother of the child whose 16th birthday it was allowed my son to get drunk...

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My bump is TINY at 32 weeks :(

I'm 32, almost 33 weeks but my bump is still super small. I look like I just ate a big meal not like I have 8 weeks to go. I got my haircut a couple days ago and talking to the...

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Allowing Children To Work

The basic difficulty with all juvenile deliquency is the one-time apparently humane program to forbidding children to labor in any way. Doubtless it was once a fact that child...


My daughter won't talk

Hi mamis, First time poster here. My daughter will be 2 this March and like me, I want her to be billingual so I speak to her exclusively in Spanish as does her babysitter...

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