I have a little boy whose almost 15 months and I'm afraid I don't work with him a lot. And I was wondering on how to homeschool him? I'm not talking about addition or...

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Is this your child?

I live in the D.C. Metro area and can't tell you how many times I have thought that, if I had to go back to work, my children would be better off in day care than with a full...

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Our Angel Adam Walter

It seemed like it took forever to finally be parents again. Ten years and multiple miscarriages. Finally a high risk but hopeful pregnancy. My son Doug was so excited to finally...



Hi Guys, my son is 3 and doesn't want to sleep anywhere else, but with me. He slept in his own bed for about 3 months recently, but got up during the night and came running to...


my 4 year old daughter has just started theiving

my 4 year old has just started thieving money off people sides, and i dont no how to handle the sittuation, im scared of taking her to some ones house incase she does it, has...

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Not sure how all this works either. My Name is Shauna and have been married to my hubby for 10 years. He has been Active Duty AF for 14 years. We have been blessed with 4...

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wow im a firm believer of suckys but are they ever hard to get rid of..... my dentist says its ok till my daughter is three but wow it is so hard anyone have any little tips?

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Potty Training

I am having a problem with my 3 yr old going to the potty. Though he has made progress and goes a lot of the time he still wants to wear diapers instead of underwear. My...

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I'm really going to miss cheerleading :(

I am a cheer mom in Iowa. Not only do I have a daughter who eats, sleeps and breathes cheerleading, but I am also a high school cheer coach. My daughter, Grace, is 17 and has...

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Does anyone have advice for me? My daughter just turned 8 months yesterday and just got her 2nd tooth as well. Tonight was the first night that she bit me....HARD. 4 times. I...

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My baby girl:)

My daughter Carly Rae was born November 2, 2008. She shares my middle, my first name is Rebecca. She is a content baby, she smiles when she wakes up and cries only when she's...