sinus problems

I have really bad sinus problems & always have, but pregnancy is making it worse. My doctor said I can take regular Sudafed, only problem there is not a "regular" Sudafed. All...

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Random Chat #97

We're almost to #100. What should we do to celebrate?

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What can I take for a cold?

My doctors office wont tell me anything and I have a killer cold and if I dont get rid of it it will turn into a sinus infection. My doctors office said I have to have an appt...

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What is your view on medication?

I am a mom who believes that too many meds can interrupt the immune system and that unless absolutely necessary they should be a last resort. I am trying to keep a natural...



I just don't feel right about giving my son any more vaccinations. He got his 2 month set. Since that time one of my girlfriends kids had his 6 month shots and was almost...


Never ending COLD. Suggestions?

I need some help with this one... my twin 10 month old girls have had a cold for about 6 weeks now.. runny nose... slight cough..really clingy. I can tell they aren't feeling...


Breastfeeding and sick of cold?

I am breastfeeding, my daughter is 6 1/2 mths almost 7 and I am sick with a cold. I have the cough, mucus. I have taken tylenol sinus, honey w/ lemon for the throat but still...

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Ok so I have been sick for about 3 days now. I am congested, I cant breathe, I cant sleep, my eyes are constantly watering, and my nose is about to break off from me blowing it...

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The H1N1 Vaccination?

My baby is 9 months old should I get the H1N1 for him? I was not even sure I wanted him to get the reg. flu shot nut he did. He goes back in for the second dose of the flu shot...

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Drugging Children to Keep Them Quiet

Alrighty, so this came up in the Babies on Planes thread, and, not being able to resist a good debate, I had to start a new thread. Two mothers mentioned getting...

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flu shot

anyone doing it for their baby/ies? I haven't researched it at all. gut tells me no, but they've both been sick off and on for about 3 weeks now and can't shake it. "viral" is...