My daughter is 2 years and 8 months old. She is a really smart kid and has, until lately, been very well behaved and I haven't had too many problems with her until now. We got...

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Bills and Budgeting

I am so tired of trying to make the money streach a lot futher then what is really there. My husband doesn't help with the budget, he figures he gets his "allowance" every week...

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toddler tooth brushing...

what's the best way to get my 2 year old to brush his teeth/let me brush his teeth? Any ideas out there? Or what has worked for you? My little 2 year old will 'play' with the...


To pull up or not to pull up??

I want to know it I should just put my 2 year old in undies and let him pee himself a few times and understand that it is uncomfortable... I'm not sure if that is to drastic....

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i have two kids, a 2yr old coming 3son, another is 13 mths girl..my son is still potty training..s im still living wit my parents (we r waiting for new home), its my family who...

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Hi, I'm Julie. I have a 4 month old daughter who has laryngomalacia, and probably tracheomalacia. I have been searching for 2 months for online support from other moms whose...


Breast babies and Sleep!!

My six month old is still only nursing, except for in the evening I give her solids for dinner. She is not sleeping at night, for a couple weeks she would sleep till 2 or 3am....

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Stopping the Pull Ups at night

Been a couple days with having my son sleep without pullups at night. We have him stop drinking before bedtime to help, but hes wetting the bed (which is expected, its only...


August 2007 baby boy

Hey girls. I had my son, Daniel on August 30th, 2007. He is getting so big now and getting into everything!! His big new thing right now is wanting to open and shut doors- well,...



my six year old son backtalks and does not think he needs to listen. when i tell him he is going to get his butt smacked he says "good" and when i do smack his butt he says...

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Hello everyone, My name is Jena and I'm pretty new to Circle of Moms. Right away I saw a lot of conversations and questions about sleep habits, philosophies. etc. I think...