hey yall....my son who is 10 just got diagnosed with asbergers syndrome...im soo scared, hes doing ok so far..on top of being autistic he is bi-polar and add and ADHD...I am...


HELP!!!!!Am I the only one? Please Read.....

Stop, Drop, & PEE! So for the past few weeks my husband and I have been finding random wet spots on the floor. I swear it must have been water that the kids were spilling on...

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All juices break him out....

My son is breastfeed from the start and still is but not during the day time. I have tried him on every juice out there and everytime he drinks them he breaks out into a rash......

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I think im losing it!!!!!

I'm 26 and I have 3 kids, 7, 2, and 8 mths, and my husband wants another one but i'm about to lose my mind. My 7 yr old daughter is the most sassy little thing i've ever come...



My daughter is 2yrs old almost fully potty trained n still has the pacifier. She can go all day without it but at night she screams for her ba ba (pacifier). Every thing else...



I found this article on the web ..... It is the very principle that makes controlled crying "work" that is of greatest concern: when controlled crying "succeeds" in teaching a...


my 3yr old

my 3yr old girl will use the toilet but only wants 2 wear nappies not knickers what do u recommed?


My son puts his hand down his pants when he sleeps

My son is almost 3 and when he takes a nap or goes to bed he puts his hand down his diaper and in the morning his bed and PJ's are all wet. He is not potty trained at all. I...

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Preschool or not?

I am a stay at home mom of 2 kids ages 2 and 1. When should you send a kid to preschool? Is preschool even worth it? My son is two and he can count to ten and knows abcdefg....

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