Wives abandon marriage to become obsessive moms

Wives abandon marriage to become obsessive moms By John Rosemond, McCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS Question: Help me. My wife and I have been married for nearly 10 years. We have one...

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** NEED A JOB **

I'm looking to find a work from home job , without any start up cost- I have alot of experiance in sales & in book keeping. Also i have a...


Severe BPD...looking for hope

To recap Natalie's story I pPROMd at 15 weeks and had low fluid during the time of critical lung development. We made it to 33w3d but her lungs are like those of a much younger...

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coping with PND

id been feeling low for a few weeks and other saw it in me but i didnt want to give in and admit it. eventually i did when it was becoming all to much. i was put on anti...


stay at home

i'm a stay at home mom and we only have 1 car which my hubby takes to work.sometimes i take but with gas prices i only do this when i have to.but i get lonely and depression...



has anyone taken funegreek to increase your milk supply? Ive read it helps and ive been on it for a day but I wanted to see if anyone eles has taken it as well. I deffintly dont...


Miss bossy boots smarty pants

Ok i have a 5 year old that is convinced she knows everything the whole world revolves around her and nobody else can think for themselves, she thinks she has to tell them what...

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