Whats best for my daughter?

My daughter Leanne is at an age where she should be speaking some sentences, know some of her ABC's and not babbiling. She was referred to speech therapy close to the age of 2...

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out of control children

does anyone have any tips on how to handle my sons out burst one min his happy the next hes gone nuts it goes on all day and most days im losing my mind, its like he need...


Need advice

My two year old daughter throws a fit when her father comes to pick her up. So he has to force her to go. Should I let this happen or keep her with me? It's so upsetting when it...


Brand new to homeschooling

First, let me say I am a Dad. But my wife cannot blog at the moment, so.... We have a daughter currently in public school in the 3rd grade. For health reasons we are going to...

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stepmum delimma

Hi, I have been in the role of a step mom since the past 7 months. My step daughter lives with us and is 9 years old. She gets to see her mom once a week under court orders. My...



I am having so much trouble finding appropriate schooling for my son. He was accepted to the Science and Arts Academy for gifted here in Chicago, but who can afford 15,000 a...


attachment disorder

Hello Everyone! I work in the field of International adoptions. I am a mom of 2 adopted daughters, Our most recent adoption is that of our 11 year old. We adopted her when she...


Murder laws

http://www.twincities.com/ci_19546921 "A young life lost but no answers: Reflections on covering the Julian Williams murder trials By Emily Gurnon egurnon@pioneerpress.com...

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I have a 10-month-old daughter who is fiercly independent - which is wonderful, don't get me wrong - but we rent an apartment and we're having a difficult time finding...


At my wits end

I am a new parent (almost 9 months), and I am very happy that I was given this opportunity, however I am at my wits end. Background: Madison (5) is in the middle of a very...


how to come to an agreement on visitation days

My daughter's dad just decided that he wants to watch my daughter on the same days as he watches his son which is on wednesday and on thursday. This is a good start after...

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