i need some advice

im a married woman at the age of 25 about to have three kids while my husband is at work from 2pm to 11pm its already difficult with two kids i need some advice on how to deal...

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After this pregnancy I plan on getting an IUD.. not sure which one yet but I was wondering if it hurts to get put in? and also what I should expect during the procedure?

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Teaching Kids News

Is it important for parents to start involving their kids in world news at an early age ? Do you encourage your children to read newspaper articles ? Do you help them...


My daughter moved out this month

My daughter who is my youngest child moved out this month with a friend. She is not very far from me but I thought I would see and hear from her more than I do. She seems...

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SM of 14 year old step-daughter needs help

I don't know where else to turn with this question...We live in Michigan and have a parenting plan in place that requires the children both go to their BM for all regularly...

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toddler bed help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my son is 15 months old \, he is really tall for his age so i'm gonna have to take him out of the crib really soon! we move in just alil over a week I was thinking about turning...

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Black staff: Black school superintendent is racist

TUKWILA, Wash. — Nine employees of the Tukwila School District have filed complaints of racial discrimination against their superintendent, Ethelda Burke. Their...

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OMG Am I the only one?

My daughter is three and she already knows about sex and (hunching) Am I alone in this or are there other who have a smart a** baby that knows too much b4 her/his time?


I need help

I need some advice. I have 2 children, My son is legally blind , he also has ADHD and a slew of other health issues. My daughter is perfectly healthy and has never been...


What to do?

I love where I live, but right now my husband want to relocate us again for work. He has family and more friends (personal) in California, Manhattan and he wants to make this...

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please help I at a lost

My 7 yr old has ADHD. I just in a lost for it. He is on meds for it. They help calm him down some , he still active but not ranning from wall to wall across the room (yes he...


Can u Help with step daughter please?

I have been with my fiancé since his kids were very young. His daughter wasn't quite 2 yet an his son was 4. I am a huge part of their lives. I know them as well as I know my...


Young Mommy!

Hi, I may not be overly young, being 21 and having a 11 month old daughter. Though to most I am still young. I do not mind. I always knew I wanted to have children young, the...



hi im 28 just recently had a hysterectomy is there any other young mums who have had this done? i would love to talk to other young women on what they did after

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Hello, I'm new to this group. I have an 11 month old girl who was born 6 weeks early, but is doing GREAT. I just thought I'd start a discussion on sleeping, and what methods...