Just thought I better stop by and introduce myself.... I'm a single mom of a now 18 month old little girl. We just moved from Florida to Louisiana. I'm currently unemployed and...

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Aspies in Queensland State Schools?

I was wondering if there are other parents having problems with their aspergers child at school? Exspecially the way teachers treat them? My 5 yr old started prep last year and...


mixed marriages

I am a modern european woman married to a conservative catholic Albanian, which often causes friction in our marriage. We have different views on practically everything. He is...


step parenting

How do you deal with a difficult mother of a child who is soon to be your step child?

Started by Trneice on 09/02/2009 in Step Moms

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Being a role madel

I have a 13 year old daughter who watches me very closely. She now wants a tattoo and a few piercings. How should I talk to her about waiting to get these done without...


11yr old son Not coping in Maths

My son is 11 and he is not coping in Maths at all ,his cousin is in the same grade and same age and get the same Maths teacher do excellent He is good in all other subjects and...