almost 2 =)

so what is everyone's feeling on the fact that your September 2008 baby is going to be 2? I'm really excited and sometimes I'm just like wow time is really flying. Also who has...


Pregnant by best friend's dad what to do?

I've known my best. Friend's dad for years... I went to his house to get someting, and we sat and talked. He told me he's always been attracted to me. We ended up going to bed...

Started by Dani on 01/07/2013 in Expecting

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oh.k so i am 20 years old i have one son of my own and take care of my boyfriend/baby daddies other child there both 2 .. 11 days apart i have been having this issue with the...


allergies or not???

my 10m old son breaks out w/ hives around his mouth whenever he eats anything with milk in it, but nothing happens when he eats milk-based formula. allergies or not???


help - lunges

I have started working out to regain my pre baby body, I am doing the work out videos from the Biggest loser show (I am loving them). I have an old knee injury and the lunges...


Hiking with twin infants and toddler

Hello......i would love to resume hiking again....thanks for the invite...i have a four year old and 10 momth old twins...it is hard for me to get out without my husband. any...

Started by Jennifer on 01/24/2009 in Hiking Moms

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forced adoption....

HI, I lost my son to adoption under severe duress in ireland in 1981, nice to meet you all :o) xxx annamaria

Started by Annamaria on 07/02/2009 in I Am A Birth Mom

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time to relax

im a stay at home mom and my husbands a full time student and full time job.well we have this set up that on weekends he gets up with baby and i sleep in so he has his time with...



my 11 month old is now bitting How do i get him to stop before he starts daycare in Jan. he has two top teeth and 4 at the bottom and has bruised my arm and my neck. WHAT...


DayCare how do i start looking about it

I will be going back to work soon but I need a daycare for my daughter how would I start going about it I know it sounds silly but I really having a hard time

Started by Tamara on 01/16/2010 in Working Moms

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