Breastfeeding a micropreemie

my daughter was born at 24 weeks. She's been home from the hospital about 3 weeks. I would love to breastfeed primarily but she is just not an efficient sucker and the...


Stop trying to be perfect!

Acknowledge that biology matters. As Spar notes, biology doesn't determine everything, but it does matter, especially when it comes to having babies. So while women will...


routine question...

do you have a routine? what does it look like? what do you do with your time? i am starting a new routine after christmas dinners i need ideas

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An encouragement and a tip!

This is some advice that I'm glad I was told when I was pregnant. If you don't have kids yet or its your first, you will at some point experience this! When you are in a public...


Breastfeeding at work - Legislation

I'm a full time employee and I have a 7 month old lovely son, who was breastfed exclusively up to 6 months, no formula at all. Here in Argentina moms are allowed to take one...


New Mother

Hi I'm a new mom and my daughter just turned 4 months. I'm 19 years old and staying at home to take care of her. In a year I plan on returning back to school to complete my 4...


Another New Member

Hello Moms! My beautiful daughter Alyssa was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. She has had 14 surgeries so far and still has a few more to go (we think.) Alyssa will...


2nd time around, what would you do?

I am 4 months pregnant with baby number 2. With my 1st pregnancy I was dead set on an all natural delivery, my husband and I attended lamaze, researched relaxtion techniques and...

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Seperated with upcoming c-section

My husband and I are separated a month now and new baby is scheduled for C-section in 7 weeks. Although I am trying to remain on best terms possible for the sake of our 3 year...

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Lonely mommy :-(

Hi! As u May know, I'm new to circle of moms. I joined hoping I could find other first time moms in my area (lindenhurst, ny & surrounding areas) to relate to and possibly build...

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Parenting Memories by Anna Quindlen

In light of Mother's Day - I thought I'd share this essay with all of you: Parenting Memories by Anna Quindlen, Newsweek Columnist and Author All my babies are gone now....

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