Hmmmm....debatable topics!

I nursed and used formula I work outside of the home I used disposable diapers My son used a pacifer until 2 1/2 I vaccinated my son at the regularly scheduled...

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Microwave popcorn and efficacy of immunizations

A group of compounds used in a variety of products, including water-resistant clothing and microwave popcorn, may prevent childhood vaccinations from working properly, a new...

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Lost your flab????

Just wondering if people have gone back to their pre pregnancy weight yet??? I am still abt 4-5 kilos more than what I weighed but have started hitting the gym a few times every...

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Hi everyone. My cholestasis story: I probably had it with both, but was actually diagnosed with my second. Had her March 25 this year. Had non-stress tests twice a week and had...


Acid Reflux

My baby was born at 32 weeks, 4 lbs, 1 oz. He now weighs 6lbs, 8 oz. He has acid reflux and it's very hard to get him to sleep in his bassinet. Some nights, he will only...