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When do breastfed babies start teething?

Logan will be 3 months in two days! but a few days ago he has started to cry so much more! I checked his temp. but he has a normal temp could he already be teething? he has been...

Started by Ana on 06/21/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 08/25/2016 by Robyn Angela


Teething 3 month old, need tips!!!

my son is teething and i can't get him calm, the only thing he really likes to bite on is his hand but he gages himself with his fingers! what should i do/

Started by Samantha on 06/23/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 06/24/2009 by Crystal


4yr old Grinding Teeth

I noticed about 2 years ago that my son grinds his teeth while he's sleeps and it's so loud and kinda scary to listen to. It sounds like it hurts. I have talked to different...

Started by Geena on 09/28/2010 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 02/02/2011 by Erin


teething, only two months old, won't sleep

How do you get a teething baby to stay asleep? Especially at night? She won't sleep more than 5 or 10 minutes in the day or 30 to 60 mins at night max (when I am not holding...

Started by Nicole on 12/02/2010 in Moms Under 30

Last update on 01/11/2013 by Jennifer


Do your kids grind their teeth?

Well my son is 3 1/2 yrs old and grinds his teeth. He only does it when he sleeps. I only noticed because he has been coming to my room in the middle of the night and jumping in...

Started by Geena on 04/28/2010 in Children Of 2006

Last update on 06/02/2010 by Jessica


When do their teeth come in?

You'd think I'd know this since Christiano is my 4th one. I swear my other kids had more teeth at this point. He had 6 come in at once at 8 months and nothing since then....


What are the signs of teething????

My baby will be turning 4 months in one week. He was such a good sleeper until last week. All the sudden he keeps waking every 1.5 to 2 hours!!!! Very tough on me. He is also...


teething since she before her 1st month!

ok so my daughter is now 2 months and 1 week, she has been teething since she was 3 weeks! she seems to get very aggravated when her gums itch and even though I have tried the...

Started by Franshell on 12/12/2010 in Teething

Last update on 12/14/2010 by Lydia


Teething at 3 months..

My daughter is 3 months old and always has her fists in her mouth and drooling. But shes not cranky or seems like shes in pain. Could she be teething? I give her a teething ring...


TEETHING HELP Sleepless nights.

Help My four month old son is teething. The constant drooling i can handle, but he is always crying, he went from being a happy all the time baby to being a baby i cant even...

Started by Kayleigh on 07/18/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 07/19/2009 by Nicole


Do teething babies nurse more?

My little guy is showing all the signs of teething, and is nursing constantly.I know it is not a growth spurt. I have gotten all his cues down for them. This is different. He...

Started by Kimberly on 09/22/2009 in Breastfeeding Moms

Last update on 09/23/2009 by Kimberly


Teething pain at night?

We practice the Ferber method with my daughter. We started in January and since then she has been going to bed with no problem (crying, fussing, etc.) at all at 7:30 pm,...

Started by Jena on 03/18/2009 in July 2008 Babies

Last update on 03/26/2009 by Jaime

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