Four and Shy..

My son (Ian) just turned 4 (Nov 24, 2006) I have been a stay at home mom. He can be such a, well, 4 y old....but he is very shy around other people. He lays his head on our...

Started by Laura on 12/07/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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What does this mean?

I had my landlord has been here a few times and he is a childcare worker also studing child phsycology, yesturday he asked if my not yet 2 year old was 3, and commented that it...


Son has never been much of a sleeper... help

So here's the scoop: My son will be three years old in January. He finally started sleeping through the night 80% of the time in April. As of the last two weeks he has been...

Started by Christine on 10/05/2011 in January 2009 Babies

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Help needed...so clueless

So I am 25 years old, and have a 15 year old step daughter. She has lived with us for a little over a year now. When she first got here, things were great, I really become close...

Started by Casey on 10/28/2011 in Step Parenting

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Hello Ladies in Dallas Texas!!!

Hello, My name is Heather. I just moved to Texas 2 years ago. I've been moving around since i can remember. I've never settled in one place for a long time making it hard to...

Started by Heather on 02/10/2009 in Moms Under 30

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Going back to work??

So I have always dreamed of being a SAHM before my husband and I ever decided to get married and have children. When my daughter was 1 month old my husband lost his job. Now...

Started by Jamie on 08/05/2010 in Stay At Home Moms

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Boyfriend having issues with real dad

Not sure if any of you have experienced this or had some advice, but here goes... My boyfriend moved in a few months ago. I have a 5 yr old daughter and an x-husband who gets...

Started by Amy on 12/06/2010 in Single Moms

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Need Advice Please!

My son Jacob is 2 years old and my daughter Addyson is 8 months. My son has recently become very jealous of his sister. If Im holding her while he wants my attention or putting...

Started by Ashley on 10/27/2011 in Toddler Moms

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need to start potty training

I have a little girl that is two how do i start getting her to use the potty i am not sure how to begain or what to do. i know that she is ready. I just need a little help!

Started by Stephanie on 03/12/2009 in Potty Training

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Should I drop the child support case?

My ex left me when I was 4 months pregnant. After our daughter was born I filed for child support. I went to the meeting in December that he was supposed to be at too (and of...

Started by Jennifer on 07/13/2009 in Single Moms

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prayer request

please please i need some christian moms to pray really hard for my request, my son and his wife just told me that they are moving in one week from ut to wisc., they have just...

Started by Zijafreak on 10/27/2009 in Christian Moms

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Trouble with the boyfriend mom

My boyfriends mother HATES me and I don't know why! I have never gave her a reason not to like me... She said Im not aloud over at her house and she told him that he can just...


Multiple questions, please read and help! :)

Hi All- I haven't posted here in forever but I used to be pretty active. I have a nearly 10 month old daughter who is breastfed and I need some advice. My intentions have been...

Started by Christine on 07/12/2010 in Breastfeeding Moms

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Fuzzy Eater.... :(

Hi AlI, I would like to know if anyone have any suggestions with a fuzzy eater. My little one is 20 months, and only eats a hand full every day. The only things she eats is: All...

Started by Juanita on 08/30/2010 in Toddlers

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