Blowing steam here that's all.

Why are some birth moms such IDIOTS that cant fathom taking responsibility for their screw ups!!! Just really really had to get that out.

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Night Light.

Looking for suggestions on the best Night Light out there,my son is 14 months and seems to be getting afraid of the dark,i use the hall light until i go to bed but i dont think...


is this a growth spurt or what??

Hi, I'm new to bf and would kind if like to now what's going on! My girl is 3 weeks old and she was eating every 3 or so hours and these last couple of days all I've done is set...


teen pregnancy, how do I break it to my parents?

Growing up my mom told me if I were one day pregnant, that would mean I decided to move out and start a family on my own. My parents are pretty strict. They didn't expect me to...

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Any possibility I can be pregnant?

I'm 27 years old, my partner is 33 and we had sex on August 30th, on sept 2nd I felt nauseated and have been since. I know it's crazy for me to think I could be pregnant with...


Whole Milk vs. Soy Milk

We're been trying to start our 13 month old on Whole Milk, but haven't had much luck. We're trying formula with a like Whole Milk and he still won't drink it. Should we try soy...

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skin tone

My son is 8 months old his dad is black jamacian so dark im white irish/english and my son is very white and his dad wants a dna test told him to go for it ad I havent been...


Red, rubbed legs

My 8 month old is crawling so much that I'm afraid her inner thighs are paying the price of big, bulky cloth diapers. I use pre-fold diapers under a Bummis whisper wrap during...



Does anyone ever feel like your baby is not getting enough from the breast. During the week my daughter gets three 5 ounce bottles and then she is at the breast 3 times. On...


Seasonal Grief

I tend to suffer seasonal blues. I never did before until the death of my daughter. I believe it is because in every season there were wonderful memories of things we'd do...


A Baby at 49!

Yes,a baby at 49. Our granddaughter was born June 13 2005. Kailynne was in her fist weeks of her life, and she was badly beaten, the doctors figure it was done in a 2 week...

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Nursing and weaning

Alright, I need help. My daughter is 12 months old and I'm starting to wean her from breast feeding. She's down to afternoon and bedtime. She all of the sudden seems to have...


discipline dilemma..

my boyfriend of almost 4 years is moving in with my 4 year old and I in a few months. shes really close to him and they get along great. question is.. do i let him do some...


Can't get her out of my bed

Help! I'm a single mom who made the mistake of letting her daughter sleep in my bed since I split with her father. She sleeps in her own room when she's at his house...


Teething Baby

My 6 month old is starting to teeth. We're going through the normal "runny diapers," drooling, crankiness, etc. but yesterday he came out witha red rash all over his body...



How does one get a one year old to eat? My son won't eat anything.