2 year old has delayed growth!

Hello everyone! This is my first time posting. I am writing about my wonderful, beautiful 2 and a little bit year old daughter, Paige. Starting at 6 months, Paige essentially...

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Counting blessings

After an early start to a nutty day full of excitement, I wanted to take the time to verbalize my "emotional" state of mind before nostalgic moments of the day fade. I had my...

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Guilty and angry mom of tof baby

My daughter was born 4 weeks ago with undiagnosed tof. As irrational as my husband tells me i am being I can not help feeling like I did something wrong. Yes doctors have told...

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My son wants to change his last name....

Back story: My son is 11 and will be 12 in march. My children's dad stopped seeing them about when my son was in 1st grade and he is now in the 6th grade. He didn't even keep...


problems with the gallbladder?

shortly after having my son I started having severe pains in my lower ribcage wrapping all around to my back between the shoulder blades - it would feel like the muscle was a...

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Swine Flu (H1N1) Vaccine

I work in the healthcare industry, not as a nurse or doctor, but I hear so much about the swine flu epidemic and the vaccinations. I've NEVER had the flu and I never get the flu...


Six Important Aspects of Prayer

(A sermon I gave recently) Prayer it is so important for us as Christians. It’s a direct line of communication with God. Whether a big long prayer or a very short prayer,...

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When is it time to call it quites?

My husband and I have been together for almost 8 years married for 2 on the 19th. Hes a pretty decent guy, hes a good father to our 8 month old son, and good friend, (to...

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My son was born October 1st, and has started to cry often. No real reason apparent..sometimes while feeding, othertimes apparently happy, then crying. He'll fall asleep while...


Hi I'm new too!

M name is Christine and I am 34 years old expecting my first child in April, a boy. We are very excited! We just got married in June 2008, this was our honeymoon surprise. As...

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Hi to everybody

I am now 42 years old and I have two twin girls, born on June 7th ( I keep getting the date wrong, because we write our dates differently in Germany, oops) in 2005. That would...

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why am i 3days overdue with baby number2 ???

im having my second baby he was due 3days ago but still hasent come i dnt want to be induced next sat r there anyways i can bring on laubour i heard caster oil ? or shuld i...

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Teenage Twins

Does anyone have twins that aren't babies? I have 14 year old twin girls. While i have MANY stories that I could tell from days of old but my main concern is the teenage...

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