i think i need a break..what do you think???

okay..this may get crazy, long and confusing but it has been on my mind...so let me lay it out for you ladies in detail....okay the problem...i am tired...and here's why..now...

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what to call a step mother?

So I think a child should call their step-parent by their name but we all have our own opinion. I just have a had time with the fact that my daughter's SM and BF force her to...

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I'm Scared

I recently had my second child in a hospital and wanted to have a natural labor. There were several problems with my experience. The first problem was that I was predicting the...


dinnertime stand off

My 2-year old was the greatest eater ever from the onset of solids until 18 months - then started eliminating foods from her diet one by one. At this point, everything but...


seizures at night.

how do you know they;ve had one? my son screams, hes terrified, shakey, and is nearly impossible to calm down. i caught one or two of these when he was little and in his crib,...


Woman 'denied a termination' dies in hospital

http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/frontpage/2012/1114/1224326575203.html I am so sickened that I have been crying for hours. This woman died in horrible pain and it would...

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What did you like/dislike about being pregnant?

Hi All, I found out this morning that i'm pregnant again. My son, Thomas turned a year old on 26th Nov (same day new baby was conceived). Hubby and i are extremely happy and...

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