venting about grandparents...

I had a wonderful title all thought up a few hours ago when all of this was happening but I forgot it once I finally got my daughter back home...And warning, this is very long...



I'm so glad I found this group, as most of you probably have, I felt very alone or like I had done something wrong with my daughter. She's 9 and in 4th grade, the school she...


Stubborn children....or my stubborn child.

My son is 3 and goes to pre-school, he started in the 1yo class when his pediatrician thought it would help his speech and social skills. He has Apraxia, which is a speech...

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Dealing with a child with absance sezires

My Daughter has been diagnosed with Absance Sezires when she was in 2nd grade.. I knew something was wrong when she was around 4,,, always spacey looking,stareing all the time....

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Pre-term Labor

Ok, so around January 10th I started having contractions but they came and went... but two weeks ago they started and have yet to stop... they are getting so much worse but...

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New to Scraping and Card Making

Hello! I've just started scrapbooking within the last year or so. Also just started Card Making too. It's an expensive hobby but when you see the completed projects, it's...

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how do i get my 1 yr old daughter in her own bed

my daughter is going to be 1 on thrusday an is still sleeping with me an her father, i need to get her in her own bed but dont know what to do, she has to be next to me when she...

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I need some advice on my 7 year old son, please

My 7 year old son, from a previous relationship, we were very close, indeperable in fact, since being in my current relationship, his attitude and our relationship has turned...

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The entity of family

I often wonder what's happened to the sense of family these days. Growing up I remember regular get togethers at an Uncle's home for special occassions, my husband remembers...

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teenager.....need I say more

my son has always been an easy kid. lately he's getting bad grades, getting in trouble in class, lying to us, and who knows what else. We took away his ps3, then his I...

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Why does it hurt so bad??

My son is 7 1/2 months now...he is the light of my life! His dad hasn't really been involved in his life at all. We moved to California to get away from him actually. He...